Rod Stewart chart

Rod Stewart

Born: Roderick David Stewart
Jan.10, 1945, time uncertain
London, England, 0W10 51N30

4 AM Positions BWT
Sun in Capricorn 1928'
Moon in Scorpio 2859'
Mercury in Sagittarius 2610'
Venus in Pisces 452'
Mars in Capricorn 313'
Jupiter in Virgo 2729'
Saturn in Cancer 618'R
Uranus in Gemini 941'R
Neptune in Libra 626'S
Pluto in Leo 933'R
Eris in Aries 502'

American rock star who produced
such classics as Maggie May(1971),
Tonight's the Night(1976), and

LR vote: Scorpio rising
Ascendant in Scorpio? gives Rod Stewart his ruffled eagle look. Moon in Scorpio makes him an emotional powerhouse with a need or desire for intensity on a daily basis(sex, for example). Sun and Mars both in Capricorn reveal an earthy spirit who needs to express in a physical or tangible way. A slow and perservering individual who plans and organizes his way to success. Also an extremely sensual person. Mercury in Sagittarius has no problem speaking its mind; these people are blunt, loud, and straightforward in their communications. They also have an interest in travel and philosophical matters. Venus in Pisces is very sensitive and romantic with a great love for musical or artistic expression. Jupiter in Virgo comes in handy where technical expertease is required. These people love detail and precision and are rarely found out of work. Saturn in Cancer gives a great memory and unbeatable survival instincts or skills. It also makes you very attached to family and domestic issues. Uranus in Gemini allows Rod to produce unique melodies. This position also produces ingenious writers and communicators. Neptune in Libra is Stewart's fascination with beauty in all its forms and gives him a sense of harmony and balance which helps to produce his music. Pluto in Leo is his and his generation's intense focus on creativity and entertainment.

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