Rod Steiger chart

Rod Steiger
Born: Rodney Stephen Steiger
Apr.14, 1925 time unknown
Westhampton, New York, USA
72W40 40N49

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Aries 2413'
Moon in Capricorn 723'
Mercury in Taurus 0045'R
Venus in Aries 2149'
Mars in Gemini 1355'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2130'
Saturn in Scorpio 1217'R
Uranus in Pisces 2318'
Neptune in Leo 1952'R
Pluto in Cancer 1130'
Eris in Aries 026'

American actor starring in such films
as On The Waterfront(1954), The
Pawnbroker(1965), Dr. Zhivago(1965),
In The Heat of the Night(1967), Jesus
of Nazarreth(1977), The Chosen(1981),
January Man(1989), and Shiloh(1996).
Died of pneumonia on July 9, 2002

LR vote: Taurus rising
Stalwart Rod Steiger exhibits classic Aries-Taurus features and qualities: a rugged and implacable exterior and a fiery and passion-driven interior. Sun in Aries loves life and living and refuses setbacks or limitations. Sun conjunct Venus learns to slow down and enjoy life's more materialistic pleasures. Moon in Capricorn is tough and realistic and wants success and recognition. Mercury in Taurus is quiet and determined and thinks about money and possessions. Venus in Aries likes action, speed, and challenge and chases after love interests. Mars in Gemini thinks, and thinks, and thinks. These people are versatile, funny, and intelligent and impress others with their words and ideas. Jupiter in Capricorn is ambitious and worldly-wise and succeeds or thrives in positions of authority. Saturn in Scorpio is the cop or investigator who deals with life and death situations. Uranus in Pisces has unusual sensitivity, intuition, and perception. They are very sympathetic, understanding, and otherworldly. Neptune in Leo is drawn to fame, glamour, and entertainment. They are proud, warm, playful, and highly creative. Pluto in Cancer people experience intense emotion and sentiment and are deeply devoted to home and family.

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