Rock Hudson chart
Rock Hudson
Roy Harold Scherer Jr.
Nov.17, 1925, 2:15 AM
Winnetka, Illinois, USA
87W44 42N06

Sun in Scorpio 2428'
Moon in Sagittarius 817'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1543'
Venus in Capricorn 1121'
Mars in Scorpio 231'
Jupiter in Capricorn 1932'
Saturn in Scorpio 1755'
Uranus in Pisces 2139'R
Neptune in Leo 2446'
Pluto in Cancer 1434'R
Eris in Aries 2947'R

Ascendant in Libra 129'
MidHeaven in Cancer 144'
Handsome actor best known
for his role in the movie
Magnificent Obsession(1954).
Died of aids on October 2, 1985.
Libra rising gives Rock Hudson his handsome good looks. Sun, Mars, and Saturn in Scorpio is Rock's bad boy side, always getting him into hot water and coming out relatively unscathed. He is a born snoop or detective with a penchant for naughty situations. Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius is his saving grace making him outspoken, ethical, and generally lucky. He is also a born gambler and adventurer who likes animals, travel, and the outdoors. Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn give him much luck where career, work, or reputation are concerned. He knows how to save but can be a bit of a miser. Uranus in Pisces is a generation of ultra-sensitive and intuitive people who have difficulty facing reality often escaping into drinking and seclusion. Neptune in Leo is a generation of fame and power seekers who have created the corporate and Hollywood worlds. Pluto in Cancer is a generation of domestics who need homes and families and kitchens.

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