Rocco Siffredi chart
Rocco Siffredi
Born: Rocco Tano
May 4, 1964, 11:30 AM
Ortona Mare, Italy
14E24 42N21

Sun in Taurus 1358'
Moon in Aquarius 820'
Mercury in Taurus 259'R
Venus in Gemini 2655'
Mars in Aries 2737'
Jupiter in Taurus 519'
Saturn in Pisces 340'
Uranus in Virgo 557'R
Neptune in Scorpio 1632'R
Pluto in Virgo 1140'R
Eris in Aries 1058'

Ascendant in Leo 1645
MidHeaven in Taurus 634'
world famous porn actor/producer
best known for his raunchy sex scenes.
Appeared in over 600 films in the 1980's
and 90's and is estimated to have sex
with over 3000 women during his
ten-year career.
Ascendant in Leo gives Rocco Siffredi his handsome good looks. Moon in Aquarius also contributes to a handsome appearance and a cool and independant personality who is not afraid to do his own thing. Midheaven in Taurus with Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter make him known for his his stamina, endurance, and productivity. This is a sensual man who enjoys comfortable and lavish surroundings. Mercury here gives a slow but persistent mind. Venus in Gemeni has a reputation for being flirtatious and requiring much variety and mental stimulation. Mars in Aries is powerful in its own sign giving him incredible energy, courage, drive, and initiative. Jupiter in Taurus finds success and opportunity in anything connected with land, property, or money. Saturn in Pisces gives a fine sensitivity and talent for the arts, including film-making. Uranus in Virgo trining his Taurean planets makes him very liberal and experimentative. This position is also connected with computers and high tech. Neptune in Scorpio is among other things, movies and sex, and is closest in aspect to his Sun. Pluto in Virgo in close trine to his Sun gives him that one in a million job which only he can do well.

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