Rob Reiner chart
Rob Reiner
Born: Robert Reiner
Mar.6, 1947, time unknown
Bronx, New York, USA
73W54 40N51

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Pisces 1517'
Moon in Virgo 1940'
Mercury in Pisces 1939'R
Venus in Aquarius 143'
Mars in Pisces 135'
Jupiter in Scorpio 2728'
Saturn in Leo 239'R
Uranus in Gemini 1747'
Neptune in Libra 1005'R
Pluto in Leo 1128'R
Eris in Aries 559'

American actor, film director and pro-
ducer best known for his role as Michael
"Meathead" Stivic in the TV drama All in the
Family(1971-79). Also directed such films
as Stand By Me(1986), When Harry Met
Sally(1989), and A Few Good Men(1992)

Successful actor and director Rob Reiner is a Sun in Pisces native with Moon opposing in Virgo, combining imagination and intuition with practical know how and efficiency. Mercury and Mars also in Pisces give Reiner the objectivity and energy to realize his creative potential. The Sun in Pisces is quite content to go with the flow of life but Moon in Virgo balances this by stimulating a desire for service and perfection. Mercury in Pisces is sensitive and emotional and interested in film and the visual arts in general. Mercury with Mars makes Rob mentally active and outspoken. Venus in Aquarius is friendly, unique, intelligent, and interested in humanitarian goals and objectives. This is the "liberal" side of Reiner, interested in truth and freedom for all. Mars in Pisces is very sensitive and emotional and fights for the needy or underpriveleged. They are quiet, compassionate, charitable types who excel as artists, musicians, film makers, and entertainers. Jupiter in Scorpio likes to delve into dark or forbidden territory and makes a great spy or researcher. They are highly sexual and magnetic and study the higher implications of death and regeneration. Saturn in Leo learns hard lessons of love and pride and becomes a master performer, director, or entertainer. They know how to deal with kids, entertainers, and government authorities. Saturn conjuct Pluto can wield much power and authority. Uranus in Gemini is bright, funny, youthful, versatile, and a strong supporter of free speech, thought, or education. Neptune, Rob's solar ruler, is in Libra and makes him part of a generation of beauty and peace-loving idealists who want to see harmony and unity in the world. They need people and relationships but tend to overidealize them which often makes them subject to illusion and deception. Pluto in Leo is intensely proud, creative, loving, and dramatic. They give their all in love and creative projects and often become a powerful force in the entertainment industry.
Rob Reiner as Michael Stivic with the cast of ALL IN THE FAMILY

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