Rob Lowe chart

Rob Lowe
Born: Robert Hepler Lowe
Mar.17, 1964, time unknown
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
78W29 38N02

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Pisces 2708'
Moon in Taurus 1521'
Mercury in Aries 125'
Venus in Taurus 1126'
Mars in Pisces 2048'
Jupiter in Aries 2400'
Saturn in Aquarius 2917'
Uranus in Virgo 712'R
Neptune in Scorpio 1737'R
Pluto in Virgo 1234'R
Eris in Aries 1026'

American actor best known for his
roles as Sam Seaborn in the TV series
The West Wing(1999-2006) and as
Robert McCallister in Brother's and
Sisters(2006-2010). Also starred in
such films as The Outsiders(1983),
Oxford Blues(1983), St.Elmo's Fire
(1985), and Wayne's World(1992)

Rob Lowe is a Sun conjunct Mars in Pisces, projecting a curious mix of both sensitivity and strength. His overall good looks and masculinity may be due to a fire sign ascendant and/or his two Aries planets. Jupiter in Aries is particularly strong being in its own element and dominating the weaker Piscean influences. The earth element is substantial with four planets therein giving Rob much practical ability and common sense, and the lone planet in air adds a certain amount of intellectual or social drive. Both the Moon and Venus(conjunct) are excellent, the former being exalted in Taurus, and the latter in its home sign. This gives much stability, productivity, and success in the life, both personally and professionally, and mixes well with the Piscean receptivity and universality. With the Aries drive, acting and the arts are great fields for Pisces/Taurus. While the Moon and Venus are well-placed, the Sun and Mars are a different story. The ego(Sun) is much weakened in Pisces and Mars loses much of its energy or drive here. These placements can easily lead to oversensitivity and despondency and need to be encouraged as much as possible. Mercury in Aries, for example, has the talk, but Mars in Pisces lacks the act, and while Jupiter(in Aries) is the bravado, the Sun(in Pisces) can back out in the end. Venus in its home sign is the strongest planet or influence in the chart giving unmatched evaluative and productive ability. It also gives great looks and A1 taste or ability in music and the arts in general. Saturn in Aquarius learns valuable lessons concerning truth, freedom, and friendship, and has a practical interest in the progress or advancement of humanity in general. They make quality scientists and inventors but can sometimes go off track. Uranus brings everyday change or innovation in Virgo from the way we eat and dress to to how we work or serve others. There is an objective or scientific interest in diet and exercise and ways to improve the environment. Uranus conjunct Pluto is like putting an Aquarius and Scorpio together; there is tension, but also the possibility of great breakthroughs, especially where science and sex are concerned. Pluto becomes a rebel or genius in Virgo and changes or corrects our long-held but often faulty notions about working, nutrition, health, and exercise.

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