Robin Wright Penn chart

Robin Wright Penn
Born: Robin Gayle Wright Penn
Apr. 8, 1966, time unknown
Dallas, Texas, USA
96W48 32N47

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Aries 1827'
Moon in Sagittarius 145'
Mercury in Pisces 2339'
Venus in Pisces 204'
Mars in Aries 2309'
Jupiter in Gemini 2525'
Saturn in Pisces 2321'
Uranus in Virgo 1619'R
Neptune in Scorpio 2139'R
Pluto in Virgo 1623'R
Eris in Aries 1111'

American actress starring in such films
as The Princess Bride(1987), Denial
(1990), Toys(1992), Forrest Gump(1994),
Moll Flanders(1996) and Nine Lives(2004).
Also known for her role as Kelly Capwell
Perkins in the daytime soap opera Santa
Barbara(1984-88) and as Grace Roby in
the TV mini series Empire Falls(2005)

LR vote: Leo or Sag rising
Talented and independant Robin Wright Penn has the Sun and Moon in fire signs making her decidedly fiery and energetic in nature. With Mars conjunct her Sun she steers her own ship and does it without fanfare. The strong fire sign nature is balanced by an equally strong water sign emphasis so that she is as sensitive and understanding as she is strong and willful. Sun in Aries women are strong fiery types who like to lead or take charge and are often accused of wearing the pants in a relationship. They need strong yet flexible partners who can let them be yet stand up to them when necessary. Sun conjuncted by Mars is especially fiery and willfull and able to accomplish much but with a tendency to be impartient and to ride roughshod over others. Moon in Sagittarius? nicely complements the Arian Sun adding a friendly, optimistic, and ethical side to the nature. This Moon likes to travel and engage in spiritual activity or discussion. If born before 8:54 AM, the Moon will be in Scorpio and give a much more private and emotionally intense nature. Mercury in Pisces softens the Arian aggressivity and impulsiveness and actually makes this Aries a litle shy and retiring. They are kind and softspoken and have an interest or talent in visual or artistic media. Saturn exactly conjunct Mercury gives mental focus and control and a very serious or realistic outlook on things. Venus also in Pisces augments the sensitivity, compassion, and artistic side. They are romantic idealists who will sacrifice much for their lovers or mates. Saturn with Venus stabilizes the finances and prefers long and enduring relationships. Mars is at home in Aries giving unlimited energy, courage, and will. They are quick and impatient and most people simply cannot keep up with them. Jupiter in Gemini is the only air placement here giving a love of learning and communicating, and a funny, witty, and versatile side to the nature. They like games and puzzles and are amusing storytellers. Saturn in Pisces is shy and serious and likes to retire or go inward every now and then. Their sensitivities make them great artists and counselors and many have the power to make their dreams and visions realities. Uranus in Virgo is the ingenious critic or analyst who comes up with a better way to do something, whether it be at home or in the workplace. They are technically inclined and believe in free health and education services as well as animal rights. Uranus exactly conjunct Pluto gives an exceedingly fixed and independant nature devoted to uncovering secret truths and expressing the passions in a liberated manner. Neptune in Scorpio is a generation of subtle and secretive psyches absorbed by the dark mysteries of life, such as sex, death, regeneration, and the paranormal in general. Pluto in Virgo people are highly critical and analytical types who go to extremes in their work, diet, and general routines or lifestyles. They're also purists and perfectionists and highly concerned about ecological or environmental issues.

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