Robin Gibb chart

Robin Gibb
Robin Hugh Gibb
Dec.22, 1949, 3:15 AM UST
Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
4W28 54N09

Sun in Sagittarius 2957'
Moon in Aquarius 029'
Mercury in Capricorn 1615'
Venus in Aquarius 1206'
Mars in Virgo 2820'
Jupiter in Aquarius 420'
Saturn in Virgo 1923'
Uranus in Cancer 306'R
Neptune in Libra 1708'
Pluto in Leo 1757'R
Eris in Aries 620'R

Ascendant in Scorpio 017'
MidHeaven in Leo 1210'
British singer and songwriter
and member of the all-brother
band The Bee Gees(1958-2003),
producing many rock classics
and disco greats
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Robin Gibb his dark eyes and private persona. Moon in Aquarius with Jupiter gives him a unique and independant personality and is well liked publicly. Mercury in Capricorn gives him a serious and cautious mentality that is often prone to pessimism or depression. It also makes him very logical and organized and quiet and melancholy. Sun is at the very end of Sagittarius or the very beginning of Capricorn, depending on the accuracy of the birth time. Before 4:25 AM it is Sagittarius and gives him a spiritual and optimistic outlook on life. After 4:25 AM it is Capricorn(my preferred choice) and makes him much more practical, serious, and down to earth. Venus in Aquarius gives him a love of all that is strange or different and frienship is very important when it comes to love or intimacy. Mars in Virgo is is good at doing things that require detail and routine and can be stingingly critical when things don't measure up. Jupiter in Aquarius is a good friend and humanitarian. These people believe in truth, freedom for all, and in the basic goodness of mankind. They are also interested in science, electronics, futurism, astronomy, and astrology. Saturn in Virgo knows how to be disciplined, organized, and economical, and watches health and diet. Uranus in Cancer experiences wild mood swings, can be luny, sarcastic, and unpredictable or unsettling towards family members. Neptune in Libra seeks a peace and harmony which forever seems to be illusive and Pluto in Leo leaves no stone unturned where love, leisure, and creativity are concerned.

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