Robert Urich chart
Robert Urich
Dec.19,1946, 9:40 PM EST
Toronto, Ohio, Canada
80W36 40N28

Sun in Sagittarius 2737'
Moon in Scorpio 2931'
Mercury in Sagittarius 924'
Venus Scorpio 1943'
Mars in Capricorn 201'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1810'
Saturn in Leo 805'R
Uranus in Gemini 1926'R
Neptune in Libra 1039'
Pluto in Leo 1306'R
Eris in Aries 532'R

Ascendant in Leo 2622'
MidHeaven in Taurus 1956'
Handsome American actor best known for
his detective roles in Vegas(1978-81) and
Spenser For Hire(1985-88). Died of a rare
form of bone cancer on April 16, 2002
Ascendant in Leo and Midheaven in Taurus give Robert Urich his handsome and rugged persona. Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio all combine to give Robert his intensity, magnetism, and predisposition for research and investigation. Moon in Scorpio needs passion and intensity on a daily basis. Venus in Scorpio is also passionate and shrewd and jealous, and Jupiter in Scorpio is a magnet for danger and intrigue. Behind the stolid facade is a morally concientious Sun in Sagittarius and a blunt and philosophical Mercury in Sagittarius. Sagittarius types love travel and study and outdoor recreational activities. They value honesty and freedom and higher(spiritual) learning. Mars in Capricorn gives Urich his earthy and sensual nature and ability to plan and organize. Saturn in Leo with Pluto gives showmanship and leadership qualities, a smouldering pride or arrogance, and much personal power and authority. Uranus in Gemini is the lighter side of Urich, giving wit, humour, intelligence, good looks, and a lot of charm. Neptune in Libra wants beauty, peace, and harmony for all. They are natural artists, poets, musicians, and psychologists. Pluto in Leo people go all out in matters of the heart or where children are concerned. They are exceptionally creative and dramatic and often find their niche in the acting or entertainment fields.

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