Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw
Aug.9, 1927, time unknown
Westhoughton, England
2W32 53N33

Noon Positions BST
Sun in Leo 1551'
Moon in Sagittarius 2810'
Mercury in Cancer 2651'
Venus in Virgo 2250'
Mars in Virgo 929'
Jupiter in Aries 306'R
Saturn in Sagittarius 102'
Uranus in Aries 303'R
Neptune in Leo 2618'
Pluto in Cancer 1615'
Eris in Aries 120'R

English actor and writer best known
for such films as Battle of the Bulge(1965),
A Man For All Seasons(1966), Young
Winston(1972), The Sting(1973), The
Taking of Pelham One Two Three(1974),
and Jaws(1975). Died on Aug.28,1978

Sun in Leo gives Robert Shaw lots of pride, confidence, and ego, as well as a playful and creative side that enjoys acting and role playing. Leo men are naturally warm and generous so long as you give them enough attention and credit, but they will growl and roar if ignored or criticized. Neptune also in Leo can weaken or overly sensitize the solar ego. Unless born after 3:23 PM, the Moon is in Sagittarius, giving a love of adventure, exploration, risk-taking, and philosophical discussion or inquiry. They are very open or blunt and often have a tendency to preach or moralize. Saturn also in Sag toughens or hardens the personality. Mercury in Cancer gives this Leo a very sensitive or emotional way of communicating. They take things personally and are easily hurt or slighted. They are also knowledgeable about common needs such as food, housing, and security. Pluto also in Cancer gives Mercury depth, focus, and intensity. Venus in Virgo likes order, duty, and efficiency, and they have a cool or analytical approach to love and affection. Mars also in Virgo likes hard work and believes only he or she can do the job right. They are very attentive to detail and precision but can be overly critical or paranoid. Jupiter in Aries loves challenge and adventure and has much faith or confidence in one's abilities. They succeed when forging ahead or taking the initiative. Jupiter with Uranus gives extraordinary confidence, luck, and vision. Saturn in Sagittarius needs moral principles to live by but can be severe or narrow in matters of faith or belief. They are good at seeing the big picture and make competent explorers, travelers, teachers, publishers, and clergy people. Uranus in Aries is a brave, forceful, and pioneering spirit who is constantly discovering new things about the self. They are naturally inventive and progressive and are often described as headstrong and temperanental. Neptune in Leo people are fascinated with glamour, fame, power, and love. They are naturally creative, playful, and romantic folk who crave love and recognition. Pluto in Cancer people have deep and powerful emotional natures and a strong commitment to home and family life.
Robert Shaw as Quint in JAWS

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