Robert Redford chart

Robert Redford
Aug.18, 1936, time uncertain
(most sources give 8:02 PM
or 2836'Pisces rising)
Santa Monica, California, USA
118W29 34N01

Noon Positions PST
Sun in Leo 2539'
Moon in Virgo 1508'
Mercury in Virgo 1744'
Venus in Virgo 934'
Mars in Leo 526'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 1440'
Saturn in Pisces 2052'R
Uranus in Taurus 934'R
Neptune in Virgo 1544'
Pluto in Cancer 2746'
Eris in Aries 349'R

Actor/sex symbol best known
for his roles in in Butch Cassidy
& the Sundance Kid(1969),
The Sting(1973) and
The Great Gatsby(1974)

LR vote: Libra rising
Ascendant in Libra? gives Robert Redford his handsome good looks and pleasant manner. Sun and Mars in Leo is his central self: a warm, proud, loving, and generous man who who seeks recognition and adulation. Mars gives him much courage and energy and makes him a natural playboy and entertainer. Moon, Mercury, and Venus all in Virgo give him a good dose of humility and practical ability. He can be a successful buisnessman or politician thanks to his hard work and attention to grooming and detail. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a very fortunate influence giving him much scope or vision and a keen interest in global or international affairs. All doors are open to him, whether it be sports, politics, buisness, religion, or education. Saturn in Pisces gives a fine sensitivity or intuition which he uses to make correct decisions. It's also good for water sports, art in general, and psychic investigation. Uranus in Taurus gives Redford his rugged features and earthy sensual nature. These people find ingenious ways to make money. Neptune in Virgo conjoining his Moon and Mercury make him a charmer with deceptive capability. This generation popularized the work ethic and is keen on order and hygeine. Pluto in Cancer gives Redford and his generation a loyalty to home and family life and a need for emotional intensity and transformation.

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