Roberto Benigni chart

Roberto Benigni
Born Oct 27, 1952, 1 PM
Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy
11E53 43N25

Sun in Scorpio 401'
Moon in Aquarius 2128'
Mercury in Scorpio 2338'
Venus in Sagittarius 628'
Mars in Capricorn 1104'
Jupiter in Taurus 1730'R
Saturn in Libra 1955'
Uranus in Cancer 1832'R
Neptune in Libra 2155'
Pluto in Leo 2305'
Eris in Aries 726'R

Ascendant in Capricorn 2415'
MidHeaven in Scorpio 2009'
Italian actor/comedian famed for his
roles in Johnny Stecchino(1991),
The Monster(1994), and
Life is Beautiful(1998)
Ascendant in Capricorn gives Benigni his frazzled goaty look. Mars there livens things up a bit. Mercury on his Midheaven, and the Sun also there, marks him out as a versatile writer, actor, and comedian. Moon in Aquarius is also funny, ingenious, and unconventional. Venus in Sagittarius is his amiable, outlandish, and philosophical self. Beneath the humorous facade is an intensely deep and emotional man(Sun in Scorpio) who ponders deeply the mysteries of life and death(Mercury in Scorpio). Mars in Capricorn works steadily and surely towards the attainment of one's objectives. This position also makes one very cautious and sensual. Jupiter in Taurus gives fontune and opportunity in material or financial matters. It also gives singing, dancing, and other artistic talents. Saturn in Libra makes an excellent mediator, lawyer, or relations counsellor. They also have a keen eye for beauty and harmony. Uranus in Cancer is Benigni's luny side as well as his unstable domestic and emotional life. Neptune is his and his generation's infatuation with beauty, and harmony, and the arts. Pluto is his and his generation's total exploitation of the entertainment industry and of one's creative faculties.

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