Robert Duvall chart
Born: Robert Selden Duvall
Jan.5, 1931, 5:10 AM PST
San Diego, California
USA 117W09 32N43

Sun in Capricorn 1415'
Moon in Cancer 2755'
Mercury in Capricorn 1538'R
Venus in Sagittarius 110'
Mars in Leo 1437'R
Jupiter in Cancer 1538'R
Saturn in Capricorn 1415'
Uranus in Aries 1132'
Neptune in Virgo 534'R
Pluto in Cancer 1955'R
Eris in Aries 110'

Ascendant in Sagittarius 1934'
Midheaven in Libra 455'
American actor starring in such films as To
Kill a Mockingbird(1962), The Godfather
I & II(1972/74), Network(1976), Apoca-
lypse Now(1979), Tender Mercies(1983),
Lonesome Dove(1989), The Apostle
(1997), and Broken Trail(2006)
Sag rising gives Duvall his open and adventurous persona. Sun in Capricorn is more down to earth and matter of fact. Mercury and Saturn conjunct the Sun give intelligence, versatility, severity, and endurance. Balancing his Capricorn rigidity are his more fluid Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto in Cancer planets. The Moon here is strong in its own sign(as is Saturn), and gives strong nurturing and maternal instincts. There is a definite need for home and family life, and emotional consideration and security are top priorities. Jupiter in the same sign as the Moon gives public recognition or acclaim and Pluto intensifies the personal or emotional nature. Mercury in Capricorn is a serious and logical thinker. They are planners and organizers and get things done, eventually if not immediately. Mercury conjuncted by Saturn focuses the thoughts and ideas giving good writing or speaking ability. Venus in Sagittarius loves travel, nature, animals, and religious or philosophical discussion or activity. They are open and trusting in matters of love and affection. Mars in Leo has much courage, strength, and energy. They make bold and impressive leaders or commanders. They can also be very impetous or overbearing. Jupiter in Cancer is big on security, provision, and protection. Home, family, emotion, and sentiment are sacred to them. Jupiter conjuncted by Pluto is extremely fortunate in some way. Saturn in Capricorn is dignified in its own sign giving enormous discipline, control, wisdom, and endurance. These are serious and capable people with an air of dignity or authority about them. Uranus in Aries is highly self-driven or independant. They are strong-willed people with inventive ability and a pioneering spirit. Neptune in Virgo people are addicted to work, order, cleanliness, and perfection. They like plants, gardening, sewing, organizing, and fixing things. Pluto in Cancer people are the pillars of our home and family institutions. Many get wealthy in housing or real estate and securities.

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