Rinko Kikuchi chart
Rinko Kikuchi
Born: Yuriko Kikuchi
Jan. 6, 1981
time unknown
Hadano, Japan
35N22 139E14

Noon Positions JST
Sun in Capricorn 1543'
Moon in Capricorn 1331'
Mercury in Capricorn 1909'
Venus in Sagittarius 2333'
Mars in Aquarius 452'
Jupiter in Libra 951'
Saturn in Libra 939'
Uranus in Scorpio 2840'
Neptune in Sagittarius 2314'
Pluto in Libra 2413'
Eris in Aries 1406'

Popular Japanese actress starring in
such films as Ikitai(1999), Sora no Ana
(2001), Cha no Aji(2004), Babel(2006),
The Sky Crawlers(2008), The Brothers
Bloom(2009), and Norwegian Wood(2010)

Capricorn and Libra dominate Rinko Kikuchi's chart making her both a beautuiful and serious actress who will be around for a long time. Sun in Capricorn is a serious and sure-footed ego who organizes and plans his/her way to success. They have a great respect for hard work, accomplishment, and success. Sun conjunct the Moon is domestically inclined, popular with the public, and is comfortable with or desirous of the opposite sex. Sun conjunct Mercury makes the ego more flexible, versatile, and lighthearted, with good powers of communication. Moon in Capricorn is serious, capable, and ambitious, and needs to time or structure one's daily activities. Mercury in Capricorn is also serious and practical-minded liking to work with facts and figures rather than theories or abstractions. Venus in Sagittarius is open, honest, and fun-loving, with a liking for nature and outdoor activities. They also have solid spiritual or moral values which they adhere to. Venus conjunct Neptune likes art and film and poetry and anything mystical or mysterious. They are very romantic or idealistic in love. Mars in Aquarius is original, unique, truthful, and freedom-loving and likes to lose it every now and then. They are fiercely independent and individualistic and will fight for friends or cherished beliefs. Jupiter in Libra is the gracious and beautiful hostess or princess who truly likes to please or unite in a grand manner. They make influential artists, singers, designers, actors, coordinators, mediators, fashion people, and beauty experts. Jupiter conjunct Saturn knows when to expand or cut losses making them good business people. Jupiter with Pluto has rare fortune and opportunity and likes to explore hidden or forbidden matters. Saturn in Libra has a keen sense of beauty, form, balance, and unity, and makes a fine artist, sculptor, designer, or musician. They often have beautiful skin and hair and finely chiseled bone features. Saturn with Pluto knows how to exercise or deal with power and authority and shows rare control or discipline. Uranus in Scorpio is fixed or determined and explores sex and the paranormal often bringing new light or understanding to these subjects, Neptune in Sagittarius is a generation or psyche addicted to travel, adventure, exploration, and the search for spiritual or religious meaning. Pluto in Libra people experience all of their relationships very deeply or intensely and are transformed or regenerated through beauty, balance, justice, and harmony.

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