Ringo Starr chart
Ringo Starr
Born Richard Starkey
Jul.7, 1940, 12:05 AM
Liverpool, England, UK
2W55 53N25

Sun in Cancer 1441'
Moon in Leo 403'
Mercury in Leo 512'
Venus in Gemini 2924'
Mars in Leo 215'
Jupiter in Taurus 1023'
Saturn in Taurus 1235'
Uranus in Taurus 2454'
Neptune in Virgo 2301
Pluto in Leo 158'
Eris in Aries 507'R

Ascendant in Pisces 2502'
MidHeaven in Sagittarius 2816'
drummer for the Beatles(1962-1970).
Hit singles include It don't Come
Easy(1971), Photograph(1973),
and You're Sixteen(1974)
Ascendant in Pisces gives Ringo Starr his affable and charming persona. Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto all conjunt in Leo give great pride, confidence, creativity, and a fun-loving personality. Moon in Leo seeks attention and the spotlight. Mercury in Leo has noble thoughts and a commanding voice. Mars in Leo is an entertainer and a lover. Behind the glitz is is a conservative and security-oriented Cancer Sun. Ringo has an emotional and home-loving spirit which those closest to him can attest to. Deep down he is a common man concerned with the common needs of the public. Venus in Gemeni gives him a desire for communicating, a sense of humour, and a tendency to flirt. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, all in Taurus give him his interest and talent in music as well as a strong desire to obtain wealth and status. Jupiter in Taurus is productive and resourceful, Saturn in Taurus knows how to manage and economize, and Uranus in Taurus invests, plays the market, and takes risks. Neptune in Virgo gives an innate ability to organize and work with detail. Pluto in Leo makes it big in the entertainment buisness.

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