Rihanna chart

Born: Robyn Rihanna Renty
Feb.20,1988, time unknown
Saint Michael, Barbados
59W37 13N06

Noon Positions AST
Sun in Piscess 114'
Moon in Aries 1301'
Mercury in Aquarius 1314'R
Venus in Aries 1305'
Mars in Sagittarius 2849'
Jupiter in Aries 2640'
Saturn in Capricorn 032'
Uranus in Capricorn 013'
Neptune in Capricon 930'
Pluto in Scorpio 1234'R
Eris in Aries 1558'

Barbadian singer producing such hits as
Pon de Replay(2005), SOS(2006), Unfaithful
(2006), Break it Off(2006), Umbrella(2007),
Shut Up and Drive(2007), Don't Stop the
Music(2007), Russian Roulette(2008), Rude
Boy(2009), Only Girl in the World(2010),
What's My Name(2010), Cheers(Drink to That)
(2011),S & M(2011), & We Found Love(2011)

LR vote: Leo or Sag rising
Lovely Rihanna is a Sun in Pisces with Moon in Aries, making her an interesting mix of gentleness and aggression. Sun in Pisces feels deeply and understands, but Moon in Aries is impatient, aggressive and wants results immediately. Mercury in Aquarius is truthful and freedom-loving and sees only the best in others. They are brilliant and inventive and have unusual or humanitarian interests. Venus in Aries aggressively seeks out its desires and likes to be honest and straightforward. Mars in Sagittarius is studious, atheletic, adventurous, and fights for moral principles. They also make great dancers and horseriders. Jupiter in Aries believes in the present and taking the initiative. They have much faith or confidence in themselves and make good leaders and promoters. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all conjunct in Capricorn give Rihanna a strong cautious or private side that likes to plan or organize behind the scenes. Saturn here gives much discipline, control, dignity, and common sense. Uranus here finds new ways to plan, organize, or define. Neptune in Capricorn is a group of souls fascinated with order, number, and the concepts of time and space. Pluto in Scorpio is strongest in its own sign giving these natives great depth, intense emotional natures, and a natural ability to regenerate or comprehend occult principles.

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