Ricky Schroder chart

Ricky Schroder
Born: Ricky Schroder
Apr.13, 1970, 6:45 PM EST
Brooklyn, New York, USA
73W56 40N38

Noon Positions PDT
Sun in Aries 2338'
Moon in Cancer 2717'
Mercury in Taurus 1232'
Venus in Taurus 1301'
Mars in Taurus 2601'
Jupiter in Scorpio 204'R
Saturn in Taurus 943'
Uranus in Libra 602'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 026'R
Pluto in Virgo 2520'R
Eris in Aries 1213'

Ascendant in Libra 2657'
Midheaven in Leo 148'
American actor best known for his role
as Rick Stratton in the family sitcom Silver
Spoons(1982-86), as Det. Danny Sorenson
in the police drama NYPD Blue(1993-98),
and as agent Mike Doyle in 24(2007-)
Libra Rising and Leo Midheaven give Ricky Schroder his boyish good looks and demeanor. Sun in Aries is the real Rick(y): a positive, energetic, and courageous spirit who loves life and lives it fully. Solar Arians wait for no one, they ram ahead relentlessly in whatever area that interests them, and they usually obtain what they want, as they are doers. With the Moon in Cancer there is a family and home-loving side or a strong interest in one's roots. They have fertile imaginations and a good buisness sense. With four planets in Taurus there is a strong practical or resourceful side to this man. Mercury in Taurus makes this a calmer, more quiet type of Aries, at least in the communicative sense. Their thoughts are frequently on money and posessions, and they can be artistic or have musical or singing ability. Mercury conjunct Saturn gives the ability to focus and use one's thoughts such as in writing. Venus in Taurus is strong in its own sign giving excellent taste in just about everything, artistic or musical talent, and a top notch buisness or evaluative sense. Venus conjunct Saturn stabilizes the social and financial side of life. Mars in Taurus is productive, resourceful, sensual, and stubborn. They spend just as quickly as they earn. Jupiter in Scorpio is sexy, magnetic, and drawn to dangerous or risky activities. They make successful spies, cops, or researchers and know how to keep a secret. Saturn in Taurus can be very patient or disciplined and is basically concerned with material comfort and security. Uranus in Libra is a very intelligent, sociable, and artistic placement. They dislike binding or restrictive relationships. Neptune in Sagittarius is fascinated by travel, adventure, and exploration. They like outdoor sports and activities and have a spiritual or philosophic side. Pluto in Virgo people have very specialized jobs and go to great lenghts to stay fit and healthy. They are also very concerned with technology and its impact on the environment.

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