Rick Moranis chart

Rick Moranis
Frederick Allan Moranis
Apr.18, 1953, time unknown
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
79W23 43N39

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Aries 2821'
Moon in Cancer 141'
Mercury in Aries 107'
Venus in Aries 1950'R
Mars in Taurus 2110'
Jupiter in Taurus 2513'
Saturn in Libra 2337'R
Uranus in Cancer 1445'R
Neptune in Libra 2222'R
Pluto in Leo 2051'R
Eris in Aries 803'

American comedian, actor, and musician
starring in such films as Ghostbusters(1984)
Little Shop of Horrors(1986), Spaceballs(1987)
Honey I Shrunk the Kids(1989), Parenthood
(1989), My Blue Heaven(1990), Little Giants
(1994), and The Flintstones(1994)

Funnyman Rick Moranis has the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in inpulsive and innovative Aries and the Moon and Uranus in emotional and home-loving Cancer Taurus and Libra are also emphasized so that money, possessions, and relationships figure prominently in the life. The general appearance or demeanor suggests Virgo rising, although this far from certain without a birth time. A lone planet in Leo(Pluto) gives some fire and drama to the chart. Sun in Aries natives are very much their own persons pushing through life as they see fit. They will not be happy in a subordinate or rigid role as their fiery and pioneering spirit needs to roam free and unencumbered. They do well as leaders, promoters, inventors, and creative people. Mercury also in Aries doubly emphasizes the Arian energy and impatience, this time on a mental or or communicative level. These people are simple, open, direct, and often restless, impatient, and self-absorbed. They do best working for themselves or taking the lead in a partnership. Venus also in Aries energizes the love or desire nature so that these people seek instant or spontaneous gratification. They are passionate and magnetic but also selfish and aggressive and money comes and goes quickly. The Moon is at home in Cancer giving this Aries a more sensitive, moody, emotional, and home-loving nature. They will be very active in and around the house preparing or providing and working closely and frequently with women. Moon with Uranus is moody and unpredictable and likes all things new and modern, especially in connection to the home or living quaters(Cancer). Mars in Taurus is firm, stubborn, sensual, and very productive or resourceful. They excel in all forms of business, buying, or ownership, and have a decided weakness for all earthly pleasures, whether it be food sex, music, art, or entertainment in general. Mars conjunct Jupiter gives much activity, energy, and confidence. In Taurus there is much financial activty and opportunity as well as sensual or pleasurable activity in general. Jupiter in Taurus is financially ambitious and can have a rather materialistic philosophy. There is also an artistic side and many with this placement achieve success as singers, actors, or musicians. Saturn in Libra learns lessons of sharing and co-operation and takes justice and the law very seriously. They make expert lawyers, mediators, relations people, designers, and artists. Saturn is sensitized by Neptune giving these people the ability to turn their visions and imaginations into reality, such as through film, photography, or the arts in general. Uranus in Cancer is moody and quirky and leads an eventful but unstable home life where friends and family become interchangeable. Uranus here also gives a genius for cooking, housing, and security issues. Neptune in Libra makes Rick and his generation part of the "flower power" generation of the 1960's and 70's that idealized universal peace, love, unity, and harmony. Pluto in Leo people exploited love and the creaive principle for all it was worth and made an exclusive name and place for themselves in the entertainment business.

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