Ricki Lake chart

Ricki Lake
Ricki Pamela Lake
Sep.21, 1968, time unknown
Hastings on Hudson, New York
USA 73W53 41N00

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Virgo 2843'
Moon in Virgo 1826'
Mercury in Libra 2459'
Venus in Libra 2350'
Mars in Leo 2956'
Jupiter in Virgo 1907'
Saturn in Aries 2352'R
Uranus in Virgo 2934'
Neptune in Scorpo 2422'
Pluto in Virgo 2254'
Eris in Aries 1152'R

actress and talk-show host of
the Ricki Lake Show(1993-)

LR vote: Cancer rising
Colorful and expressive Ricki Lake has Sun, Moon, Mars?, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, all in Virgo, making her extremely organized, selective, analytical, and hardworking. This lady can count the hairs on a fly. Sun in Virgo loves to analyze. Moon in Virgo needs order and routine on a daily basis. Mercury, her solar ruler, is in Libra with Venus, and is her talent for hosting and dealing with people and relationships. Venus makes her love all that is beautiful and pleasant and sweet and this can sometimes lead to indulgence or laziness. Mars is either in Leo or Virgo depending on the time of birth. Jupiter in Virgo finds opportunity in technical or service-oriented professions. Saturn in Aries learns to stay active and slowly acquires self-confidence and initiative. These people have an instinct or talent for using metal tools or driving fast vehicles. Uranus in Virgo is scientific and technically inclined. Neptune in Scorpio is a secretive generation drawn to the mysterious and sometimes forbidden elements of life, such as sex, regeneration, and the occult. Pluto in Virgo has an all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to work or health.

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