Rich Little chart

Rich Little
Canadian comedian best known
for his celebrity impersonations
Rich Caruthers Little
Nov.26,1938, 2:30 PM
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
75W42 45N25

Sun in Sagittarius 354'
Moon in Capricorn 2718'
Mercury in Sagittarius 2534'
Venus in Scorpio 2330'R
Mars in Libra 2030'
Jupiter in Aquarius 2448'
Saturn in Aries 1131'R
Uranus in Taurus 1505'R
Neptune in Virgo 2306'
Pluto in Leo 123'R
Eris in Aries 327'R

Ascendant in Aries 2236'
Midheaven in Capricorn 1055'
Solar Sagittarian Rich Little has lots of tricks up his sleeve. His ruler Jupiter is in Aquarius in his solar third house giving him unique, unusual, and diverse communication skills. Aries rising gives confidence and assertiveness and Midheaven in Capricorn with the Moon gives a successful and enduring public career. Mercury in Sagittarius likes to be open, blunt, and philosophical and can stretch an idea or concept. Venus in Scorpio loves passion and intensity and can be very jealous or possessive. Mars in Libra excels at relating, socializing, and upholding fairness and justice. Jupiter in Aquarius is funny, intelligent, inventive, and interested or involved in scientific or humanitarian causes. Saturn in Aries near the Ascendant gives much control over the general expression. Of itself, this Saturn learns to develop initiative and confidence over time and can make a good, although somewhat severe, leader or trainer. They are also quite good with tools and vehicules of all kinds. Uranus in Taurus is rugged, sensual, stubborn, and does some ingenious things with the voice(like impersonation). Neptune in Virgo is a generation addicted to work, order, cleanliness, and civility. Pluto in Leo individuals are intensely creative and dramatic and often find their niche in the entertainment industry.

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