Richard Kiel chart

Richard Kiel
Born: Richard Dawson Kiel
Sep.13, 1939, time unknown
Detroit, Michigan, USA
83W03 42N20

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Virgo 2000'
Moon in Virgo 2319'
Mercury in Virgo 1204'
Venus in Virgo 2207'
Mars in Capricorn 2644'
Jupiter in Aries 537'R
Saturn in Taurus 029'R
Uranus in Taurus 2152'R
Neptune in Virgo 2257'
Pluto in Leo 222'
Eris in Aries 424'R

Towering 7'1.5" American actor best known
for his role as "Jaws" in the James Bond
movies The Spy Who Loved Me(1977), and
Moonraker(1979). Also starred in the movie
Happy Gilmore(1996), and is featured in the
video game Everything or Nothing(2004)

Richard Kiel has nearly all of his planets in Earth signs making him a very practical and down to earth fellow. The Virgo emphasis is quite strong indicating a powerful need to be of service in some way. The Sun in Virgo is happy working or contributing in some important way to the needs of others. They appear as shy, modest types, but can be very complex or exacting. Moon conjunct the Sun is a sensitizing and domesticating influence. Mercury conjunct the Sun communicates the native's will or desires. Venus conjunct the Sun steadies and toughens the ego making the native very resourceful. Neptune conjunct the Sun sensitizes the ego to the subtler influences of life often in a creative, psychic, or artistic fashion. Moon in Virgo is very practical and efficient and needs to keep busy and productive. They have highly sensitive technical and analytical skills and can do almost any work well. They're also quite fussy about order and cleanliness. Moon conjunct Mercury is like a computer that remembers everything. Moon conjunct Venus combines home or family with buisness and pleasure. Moon conjuncted by Neptune is a very sensitive, imaginative, and charismatic soul. Mercury in Virgo gives the native strong critical and analytical tendencies and an ability to handle detailed or complex tasks. They're good at scheduling, listing, categorizing, and doing routine or repetitive work. Mercury conjuncted by Neptune is a sensitive and impressionable mind with an interest in art, film, and psychic matters. Venus in Virgo values work, duty, order, and perfection and tends to have a cool or analytical attitude towards love and affection. Venus conjuncted by Neptune loves music, art, and film, and makes the native charming and romantic. Mars in Capricorn can be slow, cautious, sensual, but achieves goals and objectives through planning, organization, and sheer persistence. These people are climbers and will fight for their position or status. Jupiter in Aries breaks the earth monotony in Kiel's chart injecting some much needed fire and spirit into the life. This is a double-fire influence giving the native much energy, confidence, and self-initiative. Jupiter in Aries loves adventure and innovation and being first. Saturn in Taurus is a double-earth influence requiring material or financial comfort and security. These people are very resourceful and economical and have good artistic ability or talent as well. Uranus in Taurus is a genius with money and anything physical or material. Personally they can be stubborn, sensual, and insensitive. Neptune in Virgo is a generation of workaholics and cleanophobics with sensitive critical and analytical skills. Pluto in Leo people are very creative and dramatic types who can become obsessed with power and fame. They usually leave their mark in the arts or entertainment fields.
Richard Kiel as "Jaws" in MOONRAKER

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