Richard Gere chart

Richard Gere
Born: Aug.31,1949
time unknown
Philadelphia, PA, USA
75W10 39N57

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Virgo 754'
Moon in Sagittarius 1848'
Mercury in Libra 350'
Venus in Libra 1320'
Mars in Cancer 2552'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2252'R
Saturn in Virgo 921'
Uranus in Cancer 418'
Neptune in Libra 1335'
Pluto in Leo 1652'
Eris in Aries 713'R

American actor starring in such
films as American Giggolo(1980),
An Officer and a Gentleman
(1982), Pretty Woman(1990),
Primal Fear(1996), and Shall We
Dance(2004). Is also a Buddhist
and human rights activist

Ascendant in Scorpio gives Richard Gere his dark intense look and he is admittedly rather handsome for a Scorpio Ascendant. I am uncertain about his Midheaven. Sun and Saturn closely conjoined in Virgo make him a disciplined entertainer. Moon in Sagittarius is Gere's more spiritual or metaphysical side as well as his love of sports, nature, and his penchant for being blunt and honest. Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Libra, describe Gere as a refined and romantic gentleman, with a clear, unbiased mind, and a tasteful appreciation of beauty, music, and art. Mars and Uranus in Cancer give Gere an explosive and unpredictable emotional energy and a turbulent domestic life. He is a connoiseur of fine food and restaurants. Jupiter in Capricorn gives him much needed control and restraint and an ability to economise, organize, and achieve his objectives. Pluto in Leo is his and his generation's all or nothing attitude in entertainment and affairs of the heart.

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