Richard Dreyfuss chart

Richard Dreyfuss
Born: Richard Stephan Dreyfuss
Oct.29,1947, 6:07 PM EST
Brooklyn, New York
USA 73W56 40N38

Sun in Scorpio 541'
Moon in Taurus 716'
Mercury in Scorpio 2009'R
Venus in Scorpio 2027'
Mars in Leo 1544'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 113'
Saturn in Leo 2132'
Uranus in Gemini 2551'R
Neptune in Libra 1128'
Pluto in Leo 1453'
Eris in Aries 605'R

Ascendant in Gemini 058'
MidHeaven in Aquarius 750'
accomplished American actor starring
in such films as The Graduate(1967),
American Graffiti(1973), The Appren-
ticeship of Duddy Kravitz(1974), Jaws
(1975), Close Encounters of the Third
Kind(1977), The Goodbye Girl(1977),
Down and Out in Beverly Hills(1986),
and Mr. Holland's Opus(1995)
Ascendant in Gemini gives Richard Dreyfuss his youthful, clever, and impish persona. Midheaven in Aquarius adopts unusual and entertaining roles. Moon in Taurus gives shrewdness determination and resourcefulness. Sun in Scorpio knows the score and how to deal with it. Mercury in Scorpio is penetrating, perceptive, and investigative. Venus in Scorpio is passionate and jealous and very possessive. Mars in Leo is proud, confident, and knows how to put on a show. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the eternal, student, philosopher, and traveler or explorer. Saturn in Leo knows how to lead or manage amd turn in a quality performance. Uranus in Gemini is clever, brilliant, loquacious, and diverse. Neptune in Libra succumbs to beauty, peace, fairness and justice. Pluto in Leo is Dreyfuss' solar ruler making him exceptionally creative. dramatic, and proud.

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