Richard Dean Anderson chart

Richard Dean Anderson
Born: Richard Dean Anderson
January 23, 1950, 1:05 PM CST
Minneapolis, Minnesota
USA 93W16 44N59

Sun in Aquarius 314'
Moon in Aries 714'
Mercury in Capricorn 2008'R
Venus in Aquarius 1512'R
Mars in Libra 855'
Jupiter in Aquarius 1148'
Saturn in Virgo 1852'R
Uranus in Cancer 147'R
Neptune in Libra 1721'S
Pluto in Leo 1719'R
Eris in Aries 624'

Ascendant in Gemini 1103''
MidHeaven in Aquarius 1304'
American actor famous for his
roles as ex-secret agent Angus
on MacGyver(1985-92), and as
Colonel Jack O'Neil in Stargate
Ascendant in Gemini gives Richard Dean Anderson his handsome good looks and general intelligence and versatility. Midheaven in Aquarius with Sun Venus and Jupiter bring his charm, magnetism, and ingenuity to the fore. Moon in Aries likes to stay active and challenged and can be rather impulsive or impatient. Sun in Aquarius people enjoy their freedom and independence and will cut themselves off from those who become to dependant or clinging. They also take pleasure in being different or unique and have a deep respect for truth, friendship, and humanitarian issues. Sun conjunct Jupiter enjoys travel and study and and is generally ethical or benevolent in nature. Mercury in Capricorn gives Richard a good dose of realism and the ability to think or communicate clearly or logically. Venus in Aquarius is friendly, intelligent, and resourceful, and enjoys science and electronic gadgetry. Venus conjunct Jupiter is generally very fortunate especially where money or the affections are concerned. Mars in Libra completes Anderson's grand air trine(social and intellectual sufficiency) and makes him very attractive and challenging to the opposite sex, as well as very active socially. It also makes him an artist, clever strategist, and fighter for peace and justice. Jupiter in Aquarius combines vision with genius and comes up with some pretty far out ideas and concepts. These people are interested in bringing truth and freedom to the world and become leaders or supporters of humanitarian causes. On a personal level, they can be very funny, strange, or out of touch with the everyday world. Saturn in Virgo learns lessons of order, discipline, and service to others. They can be very regimented, especially where health or work are concerned. Uranus in Cancer goes through wild mood swings and emotions and experience much change or instability in the home life. They're also extremely intuitive, imaginative, and interested in food, housing, and history. Neptune in Libra people want peace, harmony, and beauty in the world. They are very artistic, poetic, musical, and sensitive about their relationships -which they tend to overidealize. Pluto in Leo people take their loving and playing very seriously. They can be exceptionally creative or dramatic as well as overbearing or dictatorial.

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