Richard Crenna

Richard Crenna
Richard Donald Crenna
Nov.30, 1926, 4:14 PM PST
Los Angeles, California, USA
118W15 34N03

Sun in Sagittarius 803'
Moon in Libra 1833'
Mercury in Scorpio 2702'R
Venus in Sagittarius 1022'
Mars in Taurus 447'R
Jupiter in Aquarius 2054'
Saturn in Scorpio 2946'
Uranus in Pisces 2532'R
Neptune in Leo 2659'R
Pluto in Cancer 1534'R
Eris in Aries 001'R

Ascendant in Gemini 102'
Midheaven in Aquarius 1153'
American actor starring in such series as
Our Miss Brooks(1952-55), and The Real
McCoys (1957-63), and in such films as
Slattery's People (1964), Wait Untill Dark
(1967), Breakhart Pass (1975), Body Heat
(1981), and the Rambo film series (1982/-
85/88). Died on January 17, 2004
Richard Crenna exemplifies the large stature of his sign in both looks and composure. Solar Sagittarians pride themselves on their broad vision, insight, and moral integrity. They aspire to high and noble principles even if their behaviour may sometimes be uncontrolled or base. Venus conjunct the Sun gives Richard his stamina, physical bulk, resourcefulness, and enduring nature. Moon in Libra requires fairness and justice and a constant stream of companionship or social interaction. They also have a keen sense of beauty, art, and culture. Mercury in Scorpio makes this a more secretive or quiet Sag whose perceptions penetrate beyond the obvious. They are knowledgeable researchers and investigators of dark or hidden matters such as death and the occult. Mercury conjuncted by Saturn disciplines and focuses the mind so that there is good teaching or writing ability. Venus in Sagittarius is open and good-natured and appreciates honesty and trust. They are also hardy and robust travelers and adventurers. Mars in Taurus is a very sensual or down to earth placement knowing how to build, grow, produce, sell, buy or own. They're also fine connoiseurs of food, drink, women, and song. Jupiter in Aquarius likes to delve into matters of a different or unusual quality. They are mentally brilliant, inventive, independant, futuristic, and seekers of truth and freedom, with a strong desire to do good for humanity. Saturn in Scorpio takes sex, death, and regeneration very seriously. The are deep and probing people with fascinating insights into the dark and forbidden aspects of life and reality. Uranus in Pisces is very sensitive and otherworldly and a friend to the poor and downtrodden. They often seek escape from the harshness of reality through drugs and drinking and isolation or by losing themselves in art, music, meditation, or romance. Neptune in Leo is a generation with a proud, noble, and creative psyche. They become easily addicted to love, power, fame, and leisure. Pluto in Cancer is a generation of intensely emotional and home-loving people who need roots and a sense of family and security.

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