Richard Burton chart

Richard Burton
Born: Richard Walter Jenkins Jr.
Nov.10, 1925, 3:00 PM UT
Ponthrydfendigaid, Wales
U.K. 3W51 52N17

Sun in Scorpio 1742'
Moon in Virgo 928'
Mercury in Sagittarius 651'
Venus in Capricorn 404'
Mars in Libra 2803'
Jupiter in Capricorn 1822'
Saturn in Scorpio 1707'
Uranus in Pisces 2144'R
Neptune in Leo 2443'
Pluto in Cancer 1438'R
Eris in Aries 2950'R

Ascendant in Aries 100'
MidHeaven in Capricorn 022'
fine British actor best known for his
roles in such movies as The Robe
(1953), Cleopatra(1963), Becket(1964),
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf(1966),
Equus(1977), and 1984(1984). Died of
a cerebral hemorrhage on Aug.5, 1984
Ascendant in a fire sign gives Richard Burton a handsome and confident exterior. Moon in Virgo gives excellent powers of analysis and organization. Sun in Scorpio conjunct Saturn is a very deep and somber spirit who is often too hard on both himself and others. These people dig deeply for facts and struggle with the concepts of reality and limitation. Mercury in Sagittarius is the philosopher who explores the notions of God and morality. This position can also be quite blunt or direct in speech. Venus in Capricorn likes order, structure, and definition, and can be cool or reserved in love. Mars in Libra makes an energetic and combative partner who will fight for fairness and justice. This Mars is also artistic, sociable, and flirtatious. Jupiter in Capricorn has an interest in politics and the order of things and can be very frugal or economic. Saturn in Scorpio is very serious and morbid and makes an excellent investigator or researcher. Uranus in Pisces is a generation of supersensitive souls who often seek escape from harsh reality through drinking and drugs. Neptune in Leo is a generation of artists and entertainers who seek glamour and recognition. It is powerful in Burton's solar tenth, dominating his entire purpose or outlook on life. Pluto in Cancer is a generation with powerful emotions and a deep devotion to home and family life.

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