Richard Basehart chart

Richard Basehart
Born: John Richard Basehart
Aug.31,1914, time uncertain
Zanesville, Ohio, USA
82W01 39N56

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Virgo 728'
Moon in Capricorn 2219'
Mercury in Virgo 825'
Venus in Libra 2259'
Mars in Libra 1059'
Jupiter in Aquarius 1446'R
Saturn in Cancer 034'
Uranus in Aquarius 833'R
Neptune in Cancer 2923'
Pluto in Cancer 202
Eris in Pisces 2715'R

American actor best known for his
role as Admiral Harrison Nelson on
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
(1964-68), Also starred in in films
such as He Walked by Night(1948),
La Strada(1954), and Moby Dick(1956).
Died of heart failure on Sep.17,1984

LR vote: Leo rising
Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo makes Richard Basehart a stickler for duty and excellence. The nature is quiet, observant, analytical, and efficient. Moon in Capricorn augments this by giving drive, ambition, and organizational power. This Moon is professional, authorotative, and well capable of handling responsibility. Venus in Libra gives a fine appreciation of art, design, and beauty in general. The nature is pleasant and easygoing if not somewhat superficial. Mars also in Libra excels at socializing, mediating, and executing justice. They're great strategists and planners and have a reputation for charming and winning over the opposite sex. Jupiter in Aquarius is farsighted or visionary and keen on discovering and living life's great truths. They're brilliant, original, unusually funny, and highly independant and freedom-loving. Jupiter conjunct Uranus makes this man a spiritual genius or giant in the field of truth and progress. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Cancer can be trusted to handle important security issues. Saturn here learns to control and properly direct one's emotional impulses making him a formidable foe and survivor. Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius has an instant recognition of truth and a total determination to stick by it. These people are brilliant, unique, and truth-respecting individuals who greatly value their personal freedom and that of others. Neptune in Cancer people have a maternal psyche making them caring and nurturing and devoted to home and family life. They also have very vivid and colorful imaginations. Pluto in Cancer people have turbulent emotions and domestic lives, and thrive in the housing, catering, or security fields.

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