Ricardo Montalban chart

Ricardo Montalban
Born: Ricardo Gonzalo-
Pedro Montalban Merino
Nov. 25, 1920, time unknown
Mexico City, Mexico
95W56 41N16

Noon Positions LMT
Sun in Sagittarius 313'
Moon in Taurus 2909'
Mercury in Scorpio 1605'
Venus in Capricorn 948'
Mars in Capricorn 2838'
Jupiter in Virgo 1635'
Saturn in Virgo 2324'
Uranus in Pisces 150'
Neptune in Leo 1344'R
Pluto in Cancer 831'R
Eris in Pisces 2816'R

Actor best known for his roles as Mr.
Roarke on Fantasy Island(1978-84),
and as Khan Noonien Singh on Star
Trek II: The Wrath of Khan(1982).
Confined to a wheelchair since 1993
due to a spinal injury back in 1950.

Suave and earthy Ricardo Montalban is solar Sagittarian who delights in travel and adventure and the quest to find meaning in life. The Moon can be in Taurus or Gemini depending on the exact time of birth. Mercury in Scorpio gives Montalban keen perceptive powers and an ability to be secretive and investigative. They like to talk or think about the more obscure subjects in life, such as sex, death, and regeneration. Venus in Capricorn is a very earthy and sensual placement, giving good powers of organiztion, and making the individual very productive or resourceful. Mars in Capricorn is also earthy and sensual with a drive to conquer and succeed, often through cool-headed planning or sheer determination. Jupiter in Virgo is big on order and detail and finds spiritual satisfaction in being able to help or serve others. Jupiter conjunct Saturn succeeds on very little and expands one's borders or limitations. Saturn in Virgo is very disciplined and controlled and follows a strict diet or exercise regimen. Uranus in Pisces has unusual intuition or sensitivity. These people are very charitable and understanding, but their otherworldliness and oversensitivity can lead to drinking and other forms of escapism. Neptune in Leo people are subconciously proud and creative and are drawn to the world of glamour and entertainment. Pluto in Cancer individuals have powerful, intense emotions, and a strong need for home and family life. Survival an security are key issues for these people.
as Mr Roarke in Fantasy Island
as Khan in Star Trek II

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