Renée Zellweger chart
Renée Zellweger
Renée Kathleen Zellweger
Apr.25, 1969, time unknown
Katy, Texas, USA
95W49 29N47

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Taurus 5°21'
Moon in Leo 15°38'
Mercury in Taurus 22°30'
Venus in Aries 10°50'R
Mars in Sagittarius 16°44'
Jupiter in Virgo 27°14'R
Saturn in Aries 29°28'
Uranus in Libra 0°37'R
Neptune in Scorpio 27°56'R
Pluto in Virgo 22°45'R
Eris in Aries 12°06'

American actress starring in such
films as Jerry Maguire(1996), One
True Thing(1998), Nurse Betty(2000),
Me, Myself, & Irene(2000), Bridget
Jones Diary(2001), White Orleander
(2002), Chicago(2002), Cold Mountain
(2004), Cinderella Man(2005),
and Miss Potter(2006),

Warm and charismatic Renée Zellweger is a Sun in Taurus native with the Moon in Leo. The Moon is part of a grand fire trine giving a warm, confident, and positive nature. Moon in Leo is sunny and wants attention and recognition. Venus in Aries is ardent and impatient and openly affectionate. Mars in Sagittarius is wild and freedom-loving and likes to explore, study, or travel in search of meaning and adventure. Behind the fire is a woman of substance, resourcefulness, and determination(Sun in Taurus). Sun in Taurus people pride themselves on their ability to evaluate and produce tangible results. They are also musical, artistic, and quite sensual, Mercury in Taurus knows a good deal when it sees one, and always knows where the money is. These people are quiet, gentle, slow to make up their minds, and stubborn once they do. Jupiter in Virgo is successful in most kinds of work and have a high regard for accuracy, order, cleanliness, civility, and service in general. Saturn in Aries knows how to push, forge, or initiate, and has good inventive and mechanical ability. They're also natural warriors and speed freaks. Uranus in Libra is bright, clever, attractive, and a genius when it comes to art, music, or relationships. They need to feel free in any partnership and will often consult an astrologer in this regard. Neptune in Scorpio is subtle, secretive, emotionally intense, and highly investigative. Anything dark or forbidden fascinates them. Pluto in Virgo can be extremely critical, analytical, or observant and won't be happy untill it's just right.

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