Red Buttons chart

Red Buttons
Born: Aaron Chwatt
Feb.5, 1919, time unknown
New York, N.Y., USA
74W00 40N43

Sun in Aquarius 1552'
Moon in Aries 1830'
Mercury in Aquarius 300'
Venus in Pisces 326'
Mars in Pisces 717'
Jupiter in Cancer 647'R
Saturn in Leo 2533'R
Uranus in Aquarius 2701'
Neptune in Leo 743'R
Pluto in Cancer 452'R
Eris in Pisces 2448'

American actor and comedian starring
in such films as Sayonara(1957), Hatari!
(1962), The Longest Day(1962), Harlow
(1965), They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
(1969), The Poseidon Adventure(1972),
Pete's Dragon(1977), and 18 Again!(1988).
Also hosted The Red Buttons Show(1952-54)
and was a regular on the Dean Martin
Celebrity Roasts(1973-79) famous for
his "never got a dinner" speeches. Died
on July 13, 2006 at the age of 87

Red Buttons personified the originality and sometimes shocking antics of his Aquarian Sun. Mercury, and Uranus. The Sun here likes to be different or unconventional and has a love of truth and freedom. Mercury voices or communicates the Sun's nature and Uranus gives it more power, determination, and dynamism. An Aries Moon is great for expressing Aquarian humour as it falls in the solar third house of communications. Of itself, this Moon is feisty, impatient, and energetic or action-oriented. Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant, ingenious, truthful, and thinks ahead of its time. Uranus gives Mercury unusual insight and inventiveness but also increases fixity or stubborness. Venus in Pisces reveals a more sensitive and romantic side of Red that appreciates the more intangible elements of life such as art, music, mystery, and film. Venus conjuncted by Mars gives energy and productivity and a facility or ease with the opposite sex. Mars in Pisces is a very sensitive placement making the native shy, insecure, and given to periods of secrecy and isolation. Positively, they excel as fine artists, dancers, film-makers, musicians, mimes, and other Piscean or Neptunian fields. Jupiter in Cancer puts much faith in home and family deriving a sense of purpose or meaning from such. They're also big on food and housing and anything dealing with safety, security, or survival. They trust their emotions and instincts. Jupiter conjuncted by Pluto in Cancer receives rare or exceptional benefits from home and family members. Saturn in Leo learns lessons of love, creativity, and leadership, and becomes a master performer or entertainer. Uranus is at home in Aquarius giving the truest or purest traits of this sign: originality, independence, determination, genius, humanitarianism, and an overwhelming need for truth and freedom. Neptune in Leo is a generation of people addicted to fame, glamour, power, and love. They need to create or express or simply be playful. Pluto expresses deep and powerful emotions in Cancer, and an unswerving loyalty or devotion to home and family life.

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