Rebecca Harrell chart
Rebecca Harrell
Rebecca Harrell
Mar.2,1980, time unknown
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
82W36 39N43

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Pisces 1217'
Moon in Virgo 2118'
Mercury in Pisces 1905'R
Venus in Aries 2522'
Mars in Virgo 314'R
Jupiter in Virgo 423'
Saturn in Virgo 2432'R
Uranus in Scorpio 2534'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 2232'
Pluto in Libra 2122'R
Eris in Aries 1410'

American actress and environmentalist
starring in such films as Prancer(1989),
A Piece of Eden(2000), Suspended
Animation(2001), and Sugar Creek(2007).
Active in seeking out alternative fuel
sources for a cleaner environment.

Rebecca Harrell is a Sun(and Mercury) in Pisces with a strong seventh house Virgo emphasis in her chart explaining her desire to help others live a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient lifestyle. Sun in Pisces is soft, yielding, and compassionate and is happiest when in flow with one's feelings and intuitions. Mercury also in Pisces reflects or communicates the Sun's qualities adding objectivity and flexibility. Mercury here, like the Sun, takes an interesrt in art, music, mysticism, and the more intangible aspects of life. Moon in Virgo balances the Piscean vagueness and universality with a sense of order, focus, and discrimination. This Moon needs a daily routine or schedule by which to function and is very capable and efficient. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, also in Virgo add their nuances to the lunar nature; Mars gives energy and impatience, Jupiter scope and opportunity, and Saturn discipline and control. Venus in Aries is good for Sun in Pisces giving them more confidence, openness, energy, and passion. This Venus values courage and strength and bravely pursues its desires. Mars in Virgo works hard and intricately and excels in all forms of physical or environmental activity. They can be sharply critical or analytical. Mars with Jupiter has lots of energy and hope and is lucky at doing almost anything. Mars with Saturn exercises control and knows when to press ahead or hold back. Jupiter Virgo studies food, biology, and the environment and becomes influential here. They have high praise for purity, efficiency, and good works. Jupiter with Saturn combines hope with realism and expands in a controlled manner. Saturn in Virgo is excellence and perfection through persistence and hard work. Saturn here is the expert worker or craftsmen and the scientist or analyst. Uranus in Scorpio delves bravely and independently into the unknown and sheds new light into humanity's darkest mysteries, such as sex, death, rebirth, UFO's, and the paranormal in general. Personally, they are passionate, determined, and ready to shock you. Neptune in Sagittarius is a generation of wanderers, adventurers, and mystical philosophers in search of spiritual purpose and meaning. They're addicted to travel, sports, religion, metaphysics, nature, animals, and the outdoors. Pluto in Libra people don't step into relationships lightly as they give their all once committed. This position can produce the rarest music, art, beauty, or fashion.

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