Reba McEntire chart
Reba McEntire
Reba Neil McEntire
Mar.28, 1955, time unknown
McAlester, Oklahoma, USA
95W46 34N56

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Aries 712'
Moon in Gemini 949'
Mercury in Pisces 1517'
Venus in Aquarius 2757'
Mars in Taurus 2100'
Jupiter in Cancer 2006'
Saturn in Scorpio 2033'R
Uranus in Cancer 2336'R
Neptune in Libra 2725'R
Pluto in Leo 2439'R
Eris in Aries 819'

American country singer and actress producing
a vast array of hits such as Can't Even Get the
Blues(1982), Little Rock(1986), Cathy's Clown
(1989), The Heart is a Lonely Hunter(1995),
I'm a Survivor(2001), and Somebody(2004).
Most notable movie -Tremors(1989). Also
famed for her TV sitcom Reba(2001-07)

Reba McEntire exudes the true fighting spirit of her Aries Sun sign and the survival sense of her Jupiter and Saturn placements(in Cancer-Scorpio). Aries Suns are doers who love challenge, excitement, and activity. Reba's Sun makes a close conjunction to newly discovered Eris which may put her in the position of stirring up trouble or antagonism in order to effectively resolve issues. The Moon is in cerebral Gemini giving Reba charm, youthfulness, and a pretty or attractive look. This is an amusing and entertaining placement but it can also be very restless, scattered, and changeable. Mercury in Pisces is shy and sensitive and takes some of the bite off Aries' fiery nature. Mercury here is very intuitive and perceptive and strongly visual in nature making them good artists and counselers. Negatively, they can be overly impressionable, imaginative, or confused. Venus in Aquarius is an open, friendly, and honest placement with a love of originality, freedom, and independance. They may have a genius for building or fixing things and may become involved in some humanitarian project or activity. Mars, Reba's ruler, is in productive Taurus and makes her the singer, artist, and producer that she is. It also makes her stubborn, sensual, and possessive. It is the only earth placement in her chart(with the possible exception of either the Asc, or MC). Jupiter in Cancer is the faithful provider and mom who sees to every need and who holds family sacred. They like huge or spacious houses, lots of food, and meaningful family get-togethers. Safety, security, and survival, are at the top of their list. Saturn in Scorpio completes the Grand Water Trine in Rebas's chart giving emotional completion or self-sufficiency. Saturn here learns all about danger, death, crime, sexuality, and all other "forbidden" aspects of life. They are secretive, intense, resourceful, and highly investigative types who know the pitfalls and dangers of life. Uranus in Cancer brings novelty and excitement to home or family issues. They are highly moody or intuitive in nature with a scientific interest in food, housing, and safety or security. They can also be ingenious cooks, caterers, collectors, curators, historians, and preservers. Neptune in Libra gives Reba and her generation a keen and subtle sense of beauty, harmony, and balance. They tend to idealize their relationships and surroundings and dream of a world and universe where peace, unity, beauty and justice abound. Pluto in Leo gives Reba and her generation an acute or intense sense of pride, creativity, or playfulness. It's all or nothing when it comes to love and children, and many find their niche in the entertauinment business where they leave their exclusive and permanent mark.

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