Ray Winstone chart

Ray Winstone
Raymond Andrew Winstone
Feb.19, 1957, time unknown
London, England, UK
0W10 51N30

Noon Positions UT
Sun in Pisces 035'
Moon in Scorpio 613'
Mercury in Aquarius 936'
Venus in Aquarius 1704'
Mars in Taurus 1329'
Jupiter in Libra 054'R
Saturn in Sagittarius 1326'
Uranus in Leo 353'R
Neptune in Scorpio 231'R
Pluto in Leo 2911'R
Eris in Aries 825'

English actor starring in such films as
Scum(1979), Quadrophenia(1979),
Robin of Sherwood(TV series)(1984),
Ripley's Game(2002), King Arthur(2004),
The Departed(2006), Beowulf(animation)
(2007), and Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(2008)

Ray Winstone lives up to the charisma and affability of his Pisces Sun. These people are kind, compassionate, understanding, and extremely sensitive or intuitive to the emotional undercurrents of their environment. Moon in Scorpio deepens and intensifies an already emotional and sensitive nature. This Moon is subtle, magnetic, perceptive, and likes living on the edge. Moon conjuncted by Neptune gives much charm, sensitivity, and sweetness to the nature. Mercury in Aquarius toughens and sharpens the mind and gives an interest in scientific and humanitarian matters. They are open, intelligent, truthful, and sometimes shocking or unconventional. Venus also in Aquarius is friendly, independant, original, and puts a high premium on truth and personal freedom. Mars in Taurus is rugged, sensual, stubborn, indulgent, and knows how to make and spend money quickly. They also excel as artists, singers, owners, and buisnessmen. Jupiter in Libra has a keen sense of beauty, harmony, and justice, and benefits from most relationships, partnerships, or joint ventures. Many make successful, lawyers, designers, musicians, hosts, or relations experts. Saturn in Sagittarius has a keen sense of ethics or moral values and a serious interest in travel and international affairs. They also make competent sportsmen and advertisers. Uranus in Leo is ingeniously creative and dramatic and believes in free love or affection. Neptune in Scorpio is subtle, secretive, intense, and investigates sex and the occult mysteries. Pluto in Virgo wants ultimate perfection, order, and purity, and goes to extremes in work, diet, or exercise.
Ray Winstone confronts the Demon Mother in his animated role as BEOWULF

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