Ray Romano chart
Ray Romano
Raymond Romano
Dec.21,1957, time unknown
Queens, New York, USA
73W52 40N43

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Sagittarius 2935'
Moon in Capicorn 505'
Mercury in Capricorn 855'R
Venus in Aquarius 1051'
Mars in Scorpio 2904'
Jupiter in Libra 2710'
Saturn in Sagittarius 1815'
Uranus in Leo 1109'R
Neptune in Scorpio 412'
Pluto in Virgo 215'R
Eris in Aries 824'

American actor and comedian of
Italian ancestry best known for his
role as Ray Barone in the TV
comedy series Everybody Loves

Most likely a solar Sagittarian, unless born on or after 9:49 PM EST. The Moon may also be in Sag if born before 2:47 AM EST. In any case, there is a strong Sag/Cap emphasis in his chart. Sun in Sag would give him a love of sports, travel, and outdoor activities and a refreshing candor and optimism. Many are into publishing and make natural philosophers or moralists. Moon in Capricorn is quite different(as are all neighbouring signs). This Moon is cautious, patient, wise, and very practical or economical. Mercury also in Capricorn gives a logical or factual mind that is often too serious or prone to pessimism. Venus in Aquarius is friendly, unique, intelligent, and independant. They have a taste for the strange or unusual and can be shocking, unpredictable, or unconventional. Mars in Scorpio sublimates the passions and emotions making them secretive and magnetic. They are formidable researchers and investigators, are brave in the face of danger or death, and have a passionate and intense sex drive. They can also be revengeful, vindictive, or stinging. Jupiter in Libra benefits or prospers from all forms of relationships or partnerships and is eminently fair and just. They have a good sense of art, beauty, or harmony and can make good designers, artists, musicians, mediators, or even lawyers. Saturn in Sagittarius knows how to define moral principles and ideas and put them into practice. This is also the hunter or adventurer who uses cunning, planning, or strategy to achieve a goal or destination. Uranus in Leo is a genius at coming up with creative concepts and ideas. They're also proud, stubborn, willful, and like to play the role of the universal hero or lover. Neptune in Scorpio is powerfully drawn to mystery, intrigue, sex, and the occult mysteries. Pluto in Virgo people can be deeply critical or analytical and go to extremes where work, diet, and health are concerned. They strive for ultimate purity and perfection.

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