Ray Liotta chart

Ray Liotta
Dec.18, 1954, 6:07 AM EST
(some sources give 1955)
Newark, New Jersey, USA
74W10 40N44

Sun in Sagittarius 2600'
Moon in Libra 1117'
Mercury in Sagittarius 2203'
Venus in Scorpio 1736'
Mars in Pisces 1006'
Jupiter in Cancer 2822'R
Saturn in Scorpio 1703'
Uranus in Cancer 2651'R
Neptune in Libra 2744'
Pluto in Leo 2642'R
Eris in Aries 739'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 1022'
MidHeaven in Virgo 2902'
American actor of Italian-Scottish descent
starring in such films as Something Wild
(1986), Field of Dreams(1989), Goodfellas
(1990), Cop Land(1997), and Blow(2001).
Also played Joey Perrine on the daytime
emmy soap Another World(1978-81)
Sagittarius rising gives Ray Liotta his suave, charm, confidence, and handsome good looks. Sun in Sagittarius prides itself on its and moral integrity and ability to see the big picture. They love travel, adventure, exploration, and competitive activity. Liotta's Sun is right on the galactic center with Pluto currently(2006-2007) transiting there, so that Ray's ego or spirit is subject to incredibly intense spiritual energy and/or awakening at this time. Sun conjunct Mercury is able to easily communicate one's innermost motives and desires. Moon in Libra needs to relate and harmonize on a daily basis. They hunger for beauty, peace, balance, and justice. Mercury in Sagittarius communicates openly, enthusiastically, sometimes defiantly, and is a natural student and philosopher. Venus in Scorpio is sexy, possessive, shrewd, and intense. Venus conjunct Saturn tempers or restricts the finances and love life. Mars in Pisces often sacrifices oneself for those in need. These people are extremely sensitive, emotional, and compassionate, and can cry buckets when moved. They also excel as artists, musicians, photographers, mimes, and swimmers. Jupiter, Ray's ruler, is in Cancer making him a caring and nurturing individual with close spiritual ties to home and family. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer finds truth and meaning in the home and family sphere. Saturn in Scorpio learns to control the passions and desires and makes a thorough researcher or investigator. These people often join or come into contact with secret underground organizations. Uranus in Cancer breaks away from rigid family ties preferring friendly relations instead. They're also unpredictably, moody, emotional, and highly intuitive. Neptune in Libra people have a powerful subconcious need for beauty, harmony, and relationships in general, and are natural artists, poets, and musicians. Pluto in Leo people go to great lengths to love and be loved and are extremely creative and dramatic.

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