Raquel Welch chart

Raquel Welch
Born Jo Raquel Tejada
Sep.5,1940, 2:04 PM DST
Chicago, Illinois, US
87W39 41N51

Sun in Virgo 1302
Moon in Scorpio 332'
Mercury in Virgo 1414'
Venus in Cancer 2709'
Mars in Virgo 1054'
Jupiter in Taurus 1541'R'
Saturn in Taurus 1442'R
Uranus in Taurus 2608'R
Neptune in Virgo 2447'
Pluto in Leo 336'
Eris in Aries 445'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 1254'
MidHeaven in Libra 321'
actress and sex symbol best
known for movies such as
Fantastic Voyage(1966), One
Million Years BC(1966), The
Three Musketeers(1973), and
Right To Die(1988). Rachel
retains her beauty and youth
through dieting and yoga.
Ascendant in Sagittarius gives Raquel Welch her gorgeous figure and positive outlook on life. Midheaven in Libra makes her a beauty icon and gives her an interest in the beauty buisness in general. Moon in Scorpio combines to make her the sex symbol that she is. This Moon sign is passionate and driven and and makes Raquel a shrewd buisnesswoman. Sun in Virgo takes pride in being the best at whatever it does and is happiest when helping or serving others. Mercury in Virgo gives fine critical and analytical powers and an interest in health and hygiene. They are shy and do not talk much but are extremely observant and do well as secretaries, technicians, scientists, doctors, and skilled workers in general. Venus in Cancer is a very domestic or home-loving position with an interest in housing, real estate, restaurants, and museums or historical sites. They are nurturing and sentimental and very jealous or protective of their belongings. Mars in Virgo likes to workout or exercise and is into diet and nutrition and taking care of the environment. They are also good at doing menial or repetitive jobs or anything that requires patience, detail, or precision. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all in Taurus and trining her Sun make Raquel a very solid, earthy, and sensual woman. She knows all about money and the buisness world and and where and how to invest. These planets also give her musical and acting talent and an appreciation for art, fine furniture, and rare objects of value. Uranus trine Neptune gives her an exciting and magnetic screen presence. Neptune in Virgo escapes through work, physical activity, or abstinence. Pluto in Leo is powerfully transformed through love, creativity, and children.

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