Rachel Weisz chart

Rachel Weisz
Born: Rachel Weisz
Mar.7,1971, time unknown
London, England
51N30 0W10

Noon Positions UT
Sun in Pisces 1616'
Moon in Cancer 2559'
Mercury in Pisces 1655'
Venus in Aquarius 358'
Mars in Sagittarius 2700'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 603'
Saturn in Taurus 1752'
Uranus in Libra 1234'R
Nep.in Sagittarius 304'S
Pluto in Virgo 2840'R
Eris in Aries 1202'

English actress best known
for such films as The Mummy
(1999), Enemy At The Gates
(2001), About a Boy(2002),
Runaway Jury(2003), Con-
stantine(2005), and The
Constant Gardener(2005)

LR vote: Sagittarius rising
Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces a sensitive, compassionate, and understanding spirit with a great interest in mystical or spiritual subjects which she is well able to communicate. Moon in Cancer makes her all the more emotional and caring with a strong need for security and family life. Venus in Aquarius likes stange and unusual people and subjects and puts a high value on truth, freedom, and friendship. Mars in Sagittarius is active and energetic and fights for moral principles. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the eternal student and explorer and finds success and opportunity in the fields of travel and higher or spiritual education. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is very much into mysticism and spirituality as well as art and music. Saturn in Taurus is sensual and stubborn and has a strong need for material or financial security. Uranus in Libra has an experimental or detached attitude towards art, beauty, and relationships. Neptune in Sagittarius people are wanderers and vagabonds in search of spiritual meaning. Pluto in Virgo people have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to work, health, or diet.

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