Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams
Born: Rachel Anne McAdams
Nov.17, 1978, time unknown
London, Ontario, Canada
81W14 42N59

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Scorpio 2500'
Moon in Gemini 2820'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1721'
Venus in Scorpio 944'R
Mars in Sagittarius 1121'
Jupiter in Leo 857'
Saturn in Virgo 1242'
Uranus in Scorpio 1714'
Neptune in Sagittarius 1711'
Pluto in Libra 1802'
Eris in Aries 1348'R

Canadian actress starring in such films
as The Notebook(2004), Mean Girls(2004)
Red Eye(2005), Wedding Crashers(2005),
The Family Stone(2005), State of Play(2009),
Sherlock Holmes(2009), Morning Glory(2010),
Midnight in Paris(2011), and The Vow(2012)

Lovely Rachel McAdams is a hard-hitting Sun in Scorpio with the Moon in fun-loving and light-hearted Gemini. This is a very contrasting but sexy Sun-Moon combination making Rachel quite a challenge to all those who meet her. Her Sun is strengthened by both Venus and Uranus so that this is a very firm and deterrmined(fixed) young lady, despite the surface changeability and flexibility of her Moon. Yes, she can be flirtatious(Moon) but wants fidelity(Venus) in the long term. While Venus makes her interested in art and acting, Uranus also makes her interested in science, astrology, futurism, and women's lib. Mercury in Sag makes her more open and honest and interested in sports and outdoor physical activity, especially with Mars also conjunct. This Mercury is also very studious and travel-minded and likes to learn about diffent philosophies and cultures. Mercury in exact conjunction to Neptune gives Rachel a super-sensitive and artistic mentality good for film, photography, and anything visual or artistic. She's also quite interested in mysticism or the occult. Venus in Scorpio is very loyal and intensely passionate and and wants committment from the lover or mate. They are very jealous and possessive but also very sexy and satisfying. With Uranus also in Scorpio, Venus becomes open to novelty and experimentation. Venus in Scorpio is also very shrewd when it comes to business. Mars in Sagittarius is very lively and energetic and loves sports, adventure, and physical activity. These people are also quite restless always ready to travel or explore. Mars here is motivated by ethics, dislikes lying, and will fight for spiritual principles or beliefs, but Neptune conjunct can weaken this and may occasionally bring about scandal or deceptive activity. Jupiter is strong in Leo, and Leo is the strongest sign for Scorpio, Giving Rachel much pride and ego and a playful and creative side. They love theater and show and succeed as actors, performers, and entertainers. They're also good lovers and popular with children. Saturn in Virgo likes to do things properly or correctly and can be very critical or demanding of imperfections. They're neat, disciplined, and organized, and take good care of their health and their environment. Uranus in Scorpio is very fixed or determined and unabashedly explores all hidden or "forbidden" aspects of life, such as sex, death, rebirth, UFO's, and the paranormal. Neptune in Sagittarius makes Rachel and her generation compulsive travelers, explorers, and adventurers who dislike boundaries and restrictions. They're also in search of spiritual meaning or purpose in the collective or universal sense. Pluto in Libra people are very selective about their relationships as they like to give their all once committed. This Pluto produces rare or exclusive partnerships, treaties, or works of art.

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