Paul Walker chart
Paul Walker
Born: Paul William Walker IV
Sep.12, 1973 time unknown
Glendale, California, USA
118W15 34N09

Noon Positions PDT
Sun in Virgo 1952'
Moon in Pisces 2145'
Mercury in Virgo 2828'
Venus in Libra 2919'
Mars in Taurus 854'
Jupiter in Aquarius 242'R
Saturn in Cancer 341'
Uranus in Libra 2122'
Neptune in Sagittarius 452'
Pluto in Libra 344'
Eris in Aries 1312'R

American actor best known for such
films as Varsity Blues(1999), Joy Ride
(2001), The Fast & the Furious(2001),
2 Fast 2 Furious(2003), Running
Scared(2006), Eight Below(2006),
and Fast and Furious(2009). Died
in a car accident on Nov.30, 2013

Handsome Paul Walker is a Sun in earthy and dutiful Virgo with the Moon in sensitive and dreamy Pisces. Mercury is also in Virgo giving Walker a practical and logical mind that likes to work with tangibles. He is very sharp and observant and can sometimes be too critical or analytical, but the lunar position helps to balance this by being more intuitive, understanding, and forgiving. The Moon here is often drawn to a career in film and the arts in general. Venus in Libra is pleasant, attractive, artful, and co-operative, but can also be superficial, lethargic, and indecisive. Venus with Uranus makes for an exciting and unconventional love nature and Pluto adds rarity and intensity. This combination can also produce an unstable financial situation. Mars in Taurus is very earthy and sensual and also very active or productive financially. Personally they can be very firm, steady, supportive, and determined. They really do know how to enjoy the good things in life. Jupiter in Aquarius gives Paul his Newman eyes and sparkling intelligence. This Jupiter is very inventive and broadminded and wants to contribute significantly to the betterment of humanity. They're very much into future or progressive studies and do well as astronauts, engineers, electricians, and inventors in general. Saturn in Cancer learns hard lessons of security and survival and is closely attached to home and family or where one's roots are. They make expert historians, cooks, providers, preservers, restorers, collectors, painters, photographers, and housing people. Uranus in Libra is bright, attractive, sociable, artistic, and believes in free exchange or relationships. Neptune in Sagittarius is addicted to travel, adventure, exploration, and needs to find spiritual meaning or purpose in life. Pluto in Libra people go to extremes in their relationships and their attitudes concerning art, fashion, culture, and society in general.

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