Pamela Anderson chart

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Denise Anderson
Jul.1, 1967, 4:08 AM
Ladysmith, BC, Canada
123W49 48N58

Sun in Cancer 856'
Moon in Aries 2715'
Mercury in Cancer 2100'
Venus in Leo 2352'
Mars in Libra 2212'
Jupiter in Leo 717'
Saturn in Aries 1159'R
Uranus in Virgo 2046'
Neptune in Scorpio 2152'R
Pluto in Virgo 1815'
Eris in Aries 1203'

Ascendant in Gemini 2213'
MidHeaven in Aquarius 1935'
popular actress, model, producer
best known for her lifeguard role
as C.J.Parker on Baywatch
(1992-97), and for her movie
Barb Wire(1996)
Ascendant in Gemini gives Pamela her youthful attractive look. Midheaven in Aquarius makes her a trendsetter and very independent. Sun in Cancer gives her a caring and nurturing spirit concerned with issues of security and survival. Mercury in Cancer makes her mentally insecure and a worryer and interested in domestic activities. This is an emotional lady who basically relies on her instincts, intuition, and good memory to carry her through. Moon in Aries is gives Pamela much needed confidence, daring, and drive. She loves action and doing things quickly. Venus in Leo is a very proud and affectionate placement. It also gives her good acting talents and a love of game sports. Mars in Libra is an attractive and enticing placement giving her a very active social and love life. She also makes a good singer, or artist, and has a fine sense of strategy, law, and justice. Jupiter in Leo is a generous, proud, and noble placement, opening many opportunities for her in the entertainment buisness. She loves children, and is a child at heart herself. Saturn in Aries gives Pamela a strong need to stay active and develop self-reliance. These people are good with tools and have mechanical skill. Uranus in Virgo is into computers and technology and environmental issues. They are organized but have a problem with fixed schedules or routines. Neptune in Scorpio is fascinated by sex, death, and occult subjects, and make good researchers in these areas. Pluto in Virgo seeks purity and perfection and will go to extreme measures to attain it.
Pamela Anderson in BARB WIRE

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