Napoleon Bonaparte chart

11:30 AM LAT
Ajaccio, Corsica
8E44 41N55

Sun in Leo 2246'
Moon in Capricorn 2856'
Mercury in Leo 610'
Venus in Cancer 703'
Mars in Virgo 1204'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1501'
Saturn in Cancer 2555'
Uranus in Taurus 1131'
Neptune in Virgo 842'
Pluto in Capricorn 1321'R
Eris in Capricorn 024'R
Ascendant in Scorpio 621'
MidHeaven in Leo 148'
French general and emperor.
Conquered much of Europe in
the early 1800's and died of
cancer in exile on the island
of St.Helena on May 5, 1821.
Ascendant in Scorpio makes Napoleon very intense and forbidding in appearance, and Jupiter in the same sign makes him a magnet for danger and intrigue. Through this dark facade shines his mighty Leo Sun which commands awe and respect. Mercury is also in Leo so that when he speaks everyone listens. Both the Sun and Mercury are with his Midheaven, so that his fame is assured. Moon and Pluto in Capricorn make him intensely ambitious and well organized. Venus and Saturn in Cancer give him a love and need for family life and Mars in Virgo makes him thorough, efficient, and a hard worker, although with Neptune there the energies can waver or dissipate. Uranus in Taurus is his practical genius, and stubborn will.
"I used to say
of him(Napoleon)
that his presence
on the field
made the difference
of forty thousand men."

-quote from the
Duke of Wellington

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