Mila Kunis chart

Mila Kunis
Milena Markovna Kunis
Aug.14, 1983, 5 PM EEDT
Chernovtsy, Ukraine
25E56 48N18

Noon Positions EEDT
Sun in Leo 2111'
Moon in Scorpio 908'
Mercury in Virgo 1802'
Venus in Virgo 716'R
Mars in Leo 032'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 128'
Saturn in Libra 2916'
Uranus in Sagittarius 504'
Neptune in Sagittarius 2638'R
Pluto in Libra 2707'
Eris in Aries 1550'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 830'
Midheaven in Libra 337'
Perky star of That 70's Show(1998-
(2006)and the voice behind Meg on
Family Guy(2000- ). Starred in films
like Forgetting Sarah Marshall(2008),
and Black Swan(2010)
Pretty and perky Mila Kunis has Sun and Mars in Leo and lots of Sag making her a hot bundle of fire and pride. This lady is full of confidence, expression, creativity, and playfulness. Moon in Scorpio gives her a shrewd and intense emotional nature. Midheaven in Libra gives her a sense of balance, beauty, and harmony. Mercury and Venus in Virgo give her a sharp critical mind and a fussy love nature. Jupiter in Sagittarius is super bright and optimistic and sets absolutely no limits for itself. Saturn in Libra learns all about relationships and law and balance and with Pluto also there can wield much power or control as a lawyer, mediator, or strategist. Uranus in Sagittarius is a wild and untamable spirit who must explore life freely and spontaneously. Neptune in Sagittarius can't get enough of traveling and learning and philosophizing. Pluto in Libra is the relationship expert and connoiseur of rare art and music.

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