Mike Farrell chart

Mike Farrell
Born: Michael Joseph Farrell
Feb.6, 1939, 8:40 AM
St.Paul, Minnesota, USA
93W06 44N57

Sun in Aquarius 1655'
Moon in Virgo 1909'
Mercury in Aquarius 753'
Venus in Capricorn 014'
Mars in Sagittarius 459'
Jupiter in Pisces 822'R
Saturn in Aries 1342'
Uranus in Taurus 1356'
Neptune in Virgo 2251'R
Pluto in Leo 001'R
Eris in Aries 335'

Ascendant in Pisces 1608'
Midheaven in Sagittarius 2319'
American actor best known for his role
as Captain B.J.Hunnicut on M*A*S*H
(1975-83), and for his role as Dr. James
Hansen on Providence(1999-2002). Is also
actively engaged in human and animal rights.
Pisces rising gives Mike Farrell his charm, affability, and low-key manner. Midheaven in Sagittarius focuses on spiritual principles and ideas. Moon in Virgo and Sun in Aquarius is dedicated to serving his fellow man. These people are very intelligent, concientious, and helpful to others. Moon in Virgo is the ideal worker who takes care of all the details. Moon conjunct Neptune is a sensitive and idealistic soul. Sun in Aquarius is the ideal friend who gives unselfishly of himself to others. Truth and freedom are most important for this Sun sign. Mercury in Aquarius is the brilliant altruist who sees only good and wants to help humanity. Venus in Capricorn gives a good dose of seriousness, reality, and common sense. They are practical in buisness matters and slow or cautious in matters of the heart. Mars in Sagittarius does a lot of traveling and study, and fights for moral and ethical principles. Jupiter in Pisces is a compassionaten spirit with universal understanding. They succeed as artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and any other Piscean-related field. They are also attracted to water sports, the sea, or large bodies of water. Saturn in Aries knows how to be aggressive and initiating and develops skill in the use of metal tools, armaments, or vehicles of all kinds. Uranus in Taurus is rugged, resourceful, stubborn, and a keen student of economics and the physical sciences. Neptune in Virgo people need to work or be of service in some way. They are always analyzing and criticizing and are obssessed with purity and perfection. Pluto in Leo people go to creative, amorous, or dramatic extremes and often find their niche in the entertainment buisness.

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