Michelle Phillips chart

Michelle Phillips
Holly Michelle Gilliam
Jun.4,1944, 5:30 AM PWT
Long Beach, California
118W11 33N46

Sun in Gemini 1344'
Moon in Scorpio 1552'
Mercury in Taurus 2007'
Venus in Gemini 734'
Mars in Leo 731'
Jupiter in Leo 2056'
Saturn in Gemini 2756'
Uranus in Gemini 914'
Neptune in Libra 129'S
Pluto in Leo 653'
Eris in Aries 607'

Ascendant in Gemini 923'
MidHeaven in Aquarius 1944'
Singer/actress best known as one
of The Mamas and Papas(1965-68),
and for her role as Anne Matheson
in TV's Knot's Landing(1987-93)
Sun, ascendant, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus all in Gemini make Michelle Phillips very smart and pretty and diverse. Sun in Gemini prides itself on its ability to know a little about a lot and to be able to express one's ideas or thoughts in a passionate and entertaining manner. Ascendant in Gemini gives a slim, youthful, and pretty look, and a fascility to converse or intellectualize. Midheaven in Aquarius also confers beauty and brains with an added element of strangeness or unpredictablity. Moon in Scorpio makes Michelle sexy and driven, with a taste for living dangerously. You'd think all Gemini's are gabbers, and they are, but with Mercury in Taurus it's done much more quietly or discreetly. This Mercury slows down or stabilizes the mental processes and gives more shrewdness, persistence, and common sense. Venus in Gemini loves to have two of everything -including lovers. Mars in Leo knows how to put on a show or performance. These people are proud, generous, and entertaining. Jupiter in Leo finds success and opportunity in the performing arts. They also make succesful managers, leaders, bosses, actors, and entertainers in general. Saturn in Gemeni says the right things at the right time. They make skillful writers, speakers, teachers,, and communicators in general. Uranus in Gemini has unique and ingenious ideas which it wishes to share with everyone. Neptune in Libra has a subtle and charming beauty and is very sensitive to surrounding harmony or discord. They are natural poets and artists. Pluto in Leo produces exceptional plays, dramas, and works of art, and goes all out where love and children are concerned.

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