Megan Fox chart

Megan Fox
Born: Megan Denise Fox
May.16, 1986, time uncertain
Rockwood, Tennessee, USA
84W41 35N52

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Taurus 2529'
Moon in Leo 2105'
Mercury in Taurus 1753'
Venus in Gemini 2406'
Mars in Capricorn 1959'
Jupiter in Pisces 1802'
Saturn in Sagittarius 715'R
Uranus in Sagittarius 2124'R
Neptune in Capricorn 525'R
Pluto in Scorpio 525'R
Eris in Aries 1622'

American actress and model of Italian,
French, and Cherokee ancestry starring
in such films as Holiday in the Sun(2001),
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
(2004), and Transformers(2007). She also
starred as Sydney Shanowsky in the TV
series Hope and Faith(2004-06).

LR vote: Sagittarius rising
Stunning Megan Fox is an earthy Sun in Taurus with the Moon in fiery Leo. The Sun here is practical and resourceful and enjoys all forms of tangible expression. Most Taureans are gifted singers and artists as well as good buisness people. The Moon in Leo is a natural placement for entertainers and show people. These people want the best and enjoy attention and/or being in the spotlight. Mercury in Taurus is calm and gentle and likes to take its time thinking things out. Most of their thoughts center around money and possessions as well as sensual or artistic activities. Many have fine singing voices. Venus in Gemini likes variety and mental stimulation and makes this Taurus a bit of a flirt. These people like to read, write, talk, and put a high premiun on humour and intelligence. Mars in Capricorn is a planner, organizer, and achiever. They are cautious and slow but very thorough and determined. One step at a time does it. They are also quite sensual and enjoy vigorous physical activity. Jupiter in Pisces is very spiritual and understanding and can make big sacrifices for others. They are wonderfully musical and artistic and often enjoy succes in those fields. They also find opportunites in magic, film, and photo, and like boats and ships and large bodies of water. Swimming and sailing are good activities for them. On the negative side, they can be impractical and indulgent and succumb to drinking and smoking and other escapist activities. Saturn in Sagittarius has a deep-rooted belief in the power of providence and that you get in exact measure what you mete out to others. There is also a serious interest in sports or outdoor and cultural activities as well as travel and publishing. Uranus in Sagittarius comes up with new and fresh ideas on spiritual or religious matters. Personally, they are wild and freedom-loving and very open and trusting. Neptune in Capricorn needs order and definition and has a subtle or intuitive understanding of time and space. Numbers, clocks, doors, keys, walls, buildings, and compartments fascinate these people. Pluto in Scorpio is strongest or purest in its own sign of Scorpio giving these people incredible depth and focus and a natural understanding of death, regeneration, and occult principles in general.

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