Mary Pickford chart

Mary Pickford
Born: Gladys Marie Smith
Apr.9, 1892, 3 AM EST
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
79W23 43N39

Sun in Aries 1956'
Moon in Virgo 1759'
Mercury in Taurus 430'
Venus in Gemini 411'
Mars in Capricorn 1528'
Jupiter in Aries 538'
Saturn in Virgo 2501'R
Uranus in Scorpio 440'R
Neptune in Gemini 702'
Pluto in Gemini 718'
Eris in Pisces 1958'

Ascendant in Aquarius 750'
MidHeaven in Sagittarius 049'
famous child actress of the
silent movie era. New York Hat(1912),
Daddy Long Legs(1919), and many
others. Helped found United Artists.
Died May 29, 1979.
Ascendant in Aquarius gives Mary Pickford her cute innocent look. Moon and Saturn in Virgo give her strong need to be organized and hard working. Sun and Jupiter in Aries gives her al the confidence and energy she needs -and she used it well making very many movies. Mercury in Taurus gives her common sense and a head for buisness -which she used to become very rich. Venus in Gemini is her desire for variety and mental stimulation and her wide range of movies show this. This Venus is also flirtatious and very changeable where the affections are concerned. Mars in Capricorn is slow-moving and cautious but very ambitious and usually wins out through persistence. Uranus in Scorpio likes to explore sex and the darker elements of life. Neptune and Pluto in Gemini is a generation that revolutionized the communication and transportation industry.

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