Mary Louise Parker chart
Mary Louise Parker
Born: Mary Louise Parker
Aug.2, 1964, time unknown
Fort Jackson, South Carolina
USA 81W00 34N01

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Leo 1024'
Moon in Gemini 055'
Mercury in Virgo 732'
Venus in Gemini 2814'
Mars in Cancer 158'
Jupiter in Taurus 2314'
Saturn in Pisces 316'R
Uranus in Virgo 833'
Neptune in Scorpio 1504'
Pluto in Virgo 1248'
Eris in Aries 1115'R

American actress starring in films
such as Fried Green Tomatoes(1991),
Boys on the Side(1995), Proof(2001),
The Best Thief in the World(2004),
and in TV series such as Angels in
America(2003), and Weeds(2005-)

Pretty and talented Mary-Louise Parker is a proud lioness ready to pounce on any indignity that comes her way. The Sun here is playful, expressive, creative, commanding, and domineering. They exude real presence and strength and ask only that you give them the attention and recognition that they deserve. Moon in Gemini is a good placement for Leos making them friendly, attractive, and intelligent. Of itself, this Moon is very quick and witty and restless and has a natural gift of gab or communication. They are also very adaptable and diverse and are naturally flirtatious with the opposite sex. Venus also in Gemini is very similar to the Moon, strengthening the mental nature and communicative abilities. They are very lighthearted and amusing people to be with. Mercury in Virgo is formidable here giving strong critical and analytical powers. They make excellent workers and organizers taking care of all the details and procedures. They're also very clean or hygienic and take an interest in the ecology or environment. Uranus conjuncting Mercury is the genius, inventor, or scientist who comes up with totally new or radical ideas and concepts. Pluto conjunct Mercury is the probing or x-ray mind and the deep and powerful thinker or communicator. Mars in Cancer is hyper moody and emotional and very active on the home front. They will fight for or with their family. They also make impressive cooks, caretakers, or housing agents. Jupiter in Taurus smells the money and goes after it, often accumulating a sizeable fortune. They are also talented artists and singers and like to grow things. Saturn in Pisces needs time for rest and inner reflection. They are very visual and imaginative and make fine artists, singers, painters, photographers, and filmakers. They are also charitable and sacrificing and often make their dreams and fantasies come true. Uranus in Virgo with Pluto is a generation of rebels and extremists who permanently change our ways of working or dealing with nature and the environment. They are technically inclined, health-concious, and are constantly striving for purity and perfection in everything they do. Neptune in Scorpio people have natural feelers or sensors for the dark and forbidden issues of life such as sex, regeneration, and all paranormal subjects. Personally they are subtle, secretive, intense, and have very vivid and erotic imaginations.

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