Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio chart

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Born: Nov.17, 1958, time uncertain
Lombard, Illinois, USA
88W00 41N53

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Scorpio 2453'
Moon in Aquarius 1934'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1643'
Venus in Scorpio 2627'
Mars in Taurus 2322'R
Jupiter in Scorpio 1455'
Saturn in Sagittarius 2421'
Uranus in Leo 1620'S
Neptune in Scorpio 516'
Pluto in Virgo 408'
Eris in Aries 849'R

Italian actress best known for her roles
in Scarface(1983), The Color of Money
(1986), The Abyss(1989), January Man
(1989), Class Action(1991), Robin Hood
Prince Of Thieves(1991), and The
Perfect Storm(2000)

LR vote: Gemini rising
Slim and pretty Mary Elizabeth has Sun and Venus in Scorpio making her passionate and intense and interested in the darker or more forbidden aspects of life, such as death, sex, crime, and the occult. This is accentuated with Jupiter and Neptune also in Scorpio. She is a magnet for danger and intrigue and makes a very capable spy or investigator. She also has good buisness or financial acumen. Moon in Aquarius gives a desire to be different or unique. She is truthful, rebellious and very sensitive about her freedom and independance. Mars in Taurus gives some balance to her Scorpio planets by making her practical, productive, and resourceful. It also increases her determination, stubborness, and sensuality. Saturn in Sagittarius clings to traditional spiritual beliefs. Uranus in Leo is proud, generous, creative, and believes in free love. Neptune in Scorpio is a generation drawn to sexual and occult matters. Pluto in Virgo is the ultimate critic and perfectionist and has very specific work skills and dietary or health habits. They are very involved or concerned about the quality of our environment.

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