Mary Hart chart
Mary Hart
Mary Johana Harum
Nov.8,1950, 5:54 AM
Sioux Falls, South Dakota,
USA 96W42 43N33

(some sources give 1951)

Sun in Scorpio 1531'
Moon in Libra 2440'
Mercury in Scorpio 1936'
Venus in Scorpio 1408'
Mars in Capricorn 140'
Jupiter in Aquarius 2759'
Saturn in Virgo 2853'
Uranus in Cancer 915'
Neptune in Libra 1807'
Pluto in Leo 1949'
Eris in Aries 648'R

Ascendant in Libra 2839'
MidHeaven in Leo 505'
perky and attractive host of
Entertainment Tonight(1981-)
Ascendant in Libra with the Moon and Neptune gives Mary Hart her great looks, and charming manner. Midheaven in Leo describes the nature of her work as entertainment host or emcee(The Midheavn or MC in a chart is exactly that -your "emcee"). Moon in Libra makes a great host and has a strong need for companionship and relationships in general. Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio is the core of this lady -behind her cheerful and pleasant exterior is a tough and determined woman capable of cutting through the chaff and making difficult decisions. These people are passionate, shrewd, perceptive, and self-motivated or contained. They are fascinated and absorbed by the dark side of human nature and life and their role in transmuting it to higher levels. Mars in Capricorn people take their career or status seriously and will work hard and tirelessly to maintain it. They are impressive organizers and are respected for their accomplisments. Jupiter in Aquarius is a friendly and humanitarian position interested in the welfare of others. Saturn in Virgo looks after the health through diet and exercise and follows rigorous schedules. Uranus in Cancer likes eating and family events and is often emotionally unpredictable or unstable. Neptune in Libra has a weakness for beauty and peace and art or music and must guard against deceptive relationships. Pluto is Hart's solar ruler, and in Leo plunges her deeply into the realms of creativity, entertainment, love, and children -where she seeks fulfillment and transformation.

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