Mary Astor chart

Mary Astor(1906-1987)
Lucille Vasconcellos Langhanke
May 3, 1906 8:10 PM CST
Quincy, Illinois USA
91W25 39N56

Sun in Taurus 1242'
Moon in Virgo 1048'
Mercury in Aries 1606'
Venus in Gemini 224
Mars in Gemini 344'
Jupiter in Gemini 1016'
Saturn in Pisces 1246'
Uranus in Capricorn 1819'R
Neptune in Cancer 810'
Pluto in Gemini 2119'
Eris in Pisces 2454'

Ascendant in Scorpio 2709'
Midheaven in Virgo 1039'
Classic actress Mary Astor starred in such
films as Don Juan(1926), Red Dust(1932),
The Prisoner of Zenda(1937), The Maltese
Falcon(1941), Little Women(1949), and Hush,
Hush, Sweet Charlotte(1964). She wrote her
autobiography "My Story" in 1959, and
died of lung failure on Sep.25, 1987
Accomplished actress Mary Astor had Scorpio rising which gave her the appearance of being very intense or focused. As is common with this sign, she tended to elicit strong reactions from others -she was either very liked or hated and often attracted scandal. Sun in Taurus balanced this with a calm and practical spirit, and Moon in Virgo adds even more earthiness and practicality to the nature. In fact, with Uranus, there is a grand earth trine giving Astor material fortune and self-sufficiency. The Moon is exactly on the Midheaven giving strong public recognition. Mercury in Aries spices things up a little with a quick and fiery mentality and an impulsive speaking style. Then there is all that Gemini -four planets in all, which gives Mary Astor a very intelligent, lighthearted, and amusing side. Venus in Gemini loves reading, writing, learning, talking, and communicating in general. They enjoy relating to intelligent and versatile people and are reputed to be very changeable and flirtatious in love. Venus conjunct Mars is very productive financially and very desirable to the opposite sex. Venus conjunct Jupiter is fortunate both socially and financially. Venus with Pluto has passionate love affairs and rare financial opportunities. Mars in Gemini is witty and versatile and impresses others with their communicative abilities. There is a strong need for variety and mental stimulus both in the personal and professional departments. Mars with Jupiter has lots of energy can do just about anything it wants. Mars with Pluto does everything passionately and intensely. Jupiter in Gemini achieves intellectual or literary prominence and makes an influential speaker, teacher, writer, host, comic, or media personality. Jupiter with Pluto defies the odds and makes it big in some way. Saturn in Pisces is a serious and sensitive placement liking to tackle the more arty or unearthly subjects in life, such as film, music, fantasy, and the paranormal. They need periodic seclusion or isolation to develop their inner spiritual nature. Uranus in Capricorn is the ingenious businessman or woman who comes up with totally new ways to manage or handle resources. They can be unusually stern or controlling. Neptune in Cancer is a generation of emotional and sentimental psyches strongly attached to home and family life. They have rich imaginations and photographic memories. Pluto in Gemini people effect powerful changes through their words, ideas, and gestures. They are the force behind the underground media.

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